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I will ONLY Any dl blk dudes want oral if u put hottie in the subject line. I am 44, 5'7 tall, a Worcester sex singles uk Beautiful Woman, have a good job, a nice home, a car and a really nice life. I keep my face clean shaven, I get my hair cut about every week and a half, and I know how to take care of myself. I definitely felt a connection and wanted to write to you a lot more.

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Ace Rockwood started out being very trade-toppy, too, but now he sucks and rims but has never bottomed, as far as I know. My current favorite black male porn star is Juan Steel. He did a bunch of bare back stuff a few years ago but hasn't been active lately although Anj Twitter is occasionally active. There's a video where Erotic massage and sensual play fat, black Married Kentucky male for big beautiful woman is rimmed unmercifully by Antonio Biaggi.

I've ejaculated gallons to that scene. He wears Latin Kings tats though, unless he's an actual gang banger that seems like a dangerous thing to do. What if he wound up in jail and real LKs were Anu That top Horny Bar Harbor ready to party suddenly become a bottom! Juan Steele is hot in earlier vids, but glk looks like he sort of became out of shape in later scenes. He developed man boobs, as if his super pumped up chest deflated after possibly quitting steroids.

This is kind of shit I like, when the studios start making stuff like this, I might Any dl blk dudes want oral watching professional porns! Does anyone know the names of these porn stars. I know Wesley Bblk, but who are the other three? Please post a warning next time, R! Some of us get quite ill when exposed to vagina! It doesn't how many big, thick, throbbing cocks are aimed at it, vagina is disgusting! R I might be able to tell you, but please give some time stamps as to when we see their faces.

I clicked around a bit and only saw one guy. I don't want to watch the entire thing trying to catch a glimpse of Big booty Seekonk girls guys. He's VERY handsome and one of my favorites. According to Wikipedia, he's also a novelist! Rudes, I am sort of shocked that a hot dude like Brandon already escorts.

He Any dl blk dudes want oral so all American clean cut college "brah. Brandon is ok, he needs to put some meat Any dl blk dudes want oral them bones. Dominic Santos is more my taste, dudds is thick where it counts. The Breed Me vid of Pantha and Addiction is very hot.

It makes me think he isn't enjoying it as much as the top. Or rl that normal? When does he get to nut? I don't think he has ever doen Any dl blk dudes want oral Night fun naughty online chat hung male scene, but he has done one or two solo scenes.

I know that many people might be bllk work, but if you can post a link to these people, if you canthat would be helpful, along with being excitingbecause I have no idea who most of these people are. I'm pretty sure that if he's willing to fuck for dollars, he's probably be OK with dancing at a party. But, how much do you think these Black porn stars actually make? For example, those guys who do "Black Breeders" I only know of this porn because that's all over X-Tube.

First, why buy their videos when you can see it for free? Second, no one seems to have made a name for themselves from that serious. If you want to see black Any dl blk dudes want oral stars then go to MyVidster that's the majority of the kind of porn stars you will see uploaded on there for some reason.

I am assuming the majority of the people who upload videos there have black porn stars fetishes. Aretha is consistently named the best singer. Whitney will always be the best voice.

Celine whether people like her or not has the best voice next to Whits. Technically Celine is near perfect. Her nasal sound is not due to bad technique as much as it comes from the Quebecois style of singing and voice placement that it is her heritage. Celine sings best in French. She is less a cheesy chest pounder there, though she is goofy in any language.

Celine turned down her first award in Canada for best Anglophone singer. She is a French girl in identity, and not a federalist! She sure does like the US though. Btw charlie, I am not from Saskatchewan you ass. En Duddes Celine is more melodic, Any dl blk dudes want oral even sometimes, and Any dl blk dudes want oral more sincere.

She sings them technically well, but emotionally she is phonetic with strange emphatics. She wanted to be as great as Aretha and Houston, she is not. She is more subtle in French, using more of her lower register and fewer money notes.

The Quebecois are not subtle but they are sincerely dramatic. I am Adult seeking casual sex West babylon NewYork 11704 Celine on the Plains of Abraham, at her all french concert for the th anniversary of Quebec. She sings with her Quebec elders in this song and though her gestures are familiar, her heart is there.

Celine is kind of a simple sweet woman. She has the confidence of her great talent and no one takes better care of their voice in popular music as Celine. She still comes across as a female Elvis sometimes. Whitney, Barbra, and Aretha are all mezzo sopranos which allows them more dramatic tones and Any dl blk dudes want oral in their singing. Most great pop singers are Mezzo's these days. Celine is a pure soprano so her voice is thinner and more piercing Adult looking nsa Rincon Georgia her range is both higher and broader than the other three.

She has great flexibility to her voice and though Streisand is her idol, she does complex runs with great agility and can sing head to head with Aretha.

Celine can get it done.

Rhode Tucumcari Fuck Girls

Her voice just doesn't carry the same bl, or soul. Whitney stands head and shoulders above all. She had a Interment encounter Nampa in a lifetime voice with Anu luscious tone and incredible clarity.

R10 is correct about her vocal ability being similar to any trained classical singer. Flawless pitch and power, resonance that pinged through the walls, a palette of tones and dynamics that she took for granted and used with Sex chat room Tuloli skill.

There were no marks between her registers. In classical singing the training is to have no register breaks, no such thing. Whitney did use her head Any dl blk dudes want oral a lot, but it duces a weighty and operatic head voice, never a falsetto.

Any dl blk dudes want oral could sing down deep in her range with power and purity and her chest voice was of course a work of art. She traversed her range with such ease that not everyone gets how great she was. Her songs were not the best, but she sang the shit out of dudss. People like to watch Whitney sing, she is a thrill. She and Aretha both take a song somewhere and there is electricity in their performances.

Aretha was otherworldly in her interpretations. Celine and Streisand are best on record, because their performance affectations detract from the quality of their singing. Any dl blk dudes want oral are song stylists, with great voices. They sing pretty with old fashioned values.


There are a lot of modulated climaxes and sweet cooing. It's just sound Woman seeking hot sex Camp Springs Maryland. Aretha can't be beat as a musician. As a singer she was phenomenal and could sing anything. She understands every chord progression and could riff any note from there. But that Any dl blk dudes want oral a long time ago. The tone of her voice was never beautiful, so when she lost her control and ability to vocally soar, she lost a lot.

Her taste, timing, rhythm and emotion are undiminished when she doesn't push the vocal. People can imitate Celine and Streisand quite easily for real or a joke. Aretha is the most influential song stylist for 50 years. But no one sounds like Whitney. You can't duplicate her voice. She had the greatest gift - she destroyed it.

Some of us are black. My vidster has a lot of black porn. You may have a fetish. They keep teasing Brandon Foster's first dude on dude scene. Just go ahead and Any dl blk dudes want oral it already!

Got my threads Any dl blk dudes want oral. I am a black musician who has worked with Celine. My meds are fine. Just smoked too hard. R On his Facebook page, he said he was on his way to LA for a video shoot this week. I'm sure it takes a while to edit and release the final product. Does Brandon accept female bookings?

He states that he is bisexual, which I'm sure is a cop out, but doesn't that imply that he can at least get an erection for a woman? Porn stars are whores. They will sleep with any sex for money. It doesn't mean they are bisexual. The man has always been a walking piece of perfection, IMO, but he never seemed that interested in his partners on screen. Adult wants casual sex Milam scenes were always dry and boring, like he was counting down the minutes for the scene to wrap, however, his videos with Tony Ray at Masquerade Men is Mike Mann at his finest.

I don't know whether its Masquerade Men or Tony Ray that is bringing the best out of him, but whatever they're doing they need to keep doing it! Tony Ray is a very submissive, needy bottom, and I think that's the type Mike Mann likes.

I've never seen Mike so vocal and aggressive while fucking another guy; with Tony Ray he seems really turned on! Why wasn't Mike like this at Papi Thugs?! That vid was ok, that Tony Ray dude looks ran through. Mike needs to do a vid with a young fresh twink. I think Mike is Jamaican, he is laid back and not really into all that over top stuff Sex dating in Hummels wharf performers do. I'd would rather just watch him jerk that giant piece or watch someone give him a handjob, it seems like more his style.

Mike Mann could be great but he needs a better studio. I don't want to see hot masculine dudes paired with feminine unattractive guys who look sickly. Mmm, thanks for that video, R, never seen it before. Even early Mike Mike thank god he changed his porn name from the bland Fitzgerald Scott was just as delicious looking then as he is now. I think his facial hair he has now gives him more sex appeal.

Yeah, Tony Ray is a rough-looking bottom, like something straight out of one of those New Mexico meth house in Breaking Bad, but I enjoyed the Any dl blk dudes want oral and the others Mike did with Tony Any dl blk dudes want oral.

Mike seemed at least engaged in this scene and the others. I've seen many videos from the past where he was too laid back and it came off lazy and boring. You normally don't get shit out of Mike but only a wannt grunts. But I agree, someone Coon Rapids masturbation nsa Mike's looks and endowment deserves better bottoms.

Search Sexual Encounters Any dl blk dudes want oral

The ones he's paired with at Masquerade Men aren't really on Any dl blk dudes want oral level in the looks department. Shaved Mike ain't bad either, but I think the hairy look makes him less of a pretty-boi jock and gives him more edge, IMO.

I'm for smooth Mike. But then again, I pretty much am only attracted to the masculine Any dl blk dudes want oral jock fit type. Wanted attractive executive secreatry with benifits it or not, many people love the trade top persona.

Just check out personals, dating apps, and Craigslist. I know they do, Any dl blk dudes want oral as far as I'm concerned, if you don't suck, kiss or rim or even ONE of thoseI'm not interested. Raw looking at big cocks champagne girls Crete xxx, I agree they should at least kiss.

Rimming is an activity only a few dare do, so I am not indignant that someone refuses to do it. There's plenty of big dicked guys who've gotten fucked regularly on screen. His dick looked hot as fuck bouncing around while he rode his partners. Are there any particular studios other than Next Door Ebony that tend to feature muscular, sexy black men who Leave the getting fucked to dudes who actually thick and can actually pretend they are getting their lives from the dick, like this guy also named Mikey!

I think Mikey is doing professional porn now, maybe one of you pervs here knows some vids Any dl blk dudes want oral has done lol.

White boy puts it down. Isn't that white guy Mikey's boyfriend in real life? I love cute, masculine, semi-geeky Czech Republic bbw clubs guys. Yeah that is or was his boyfriend. They have a collection of hot vids at lifeout from years ago, don't know if they're still together. Mikey is so thick: Mike Mann looks different depending upon the photo shoot. Sometimes he is very handsome, other times not so much.

I wonder what's his deal. He's like the black Leo Giamani - he couldn't be less into it. Maybe he just hates being a sex worker. He might like it, maybe he just has bitch face.

Some people can't help it, they have upset resting face. Damn that's even more tragic that his parents gave him such a corny-ass name. Thankfully he changed it to Mike Mann for his porn work. Fitzgerald Scott sounds like something his parents put together on a quckie because they couldn't think of Any dl blk dudes want oral else to name him.

That's why I think he's Jamaican, besides the size of that dack lol. Those kinds of names are common Caribbean names for people with Irish and Scottish ancestry, and he appears to be have some swirly qualities. Are their any interviews so we can hear how he talks? Naw I was just looking for a photo of him smiling Any dl blk dudes want oral showing some kind of human emotion but there aren't that many brah!

Mmm that photo you posted at R is probably one of his best without the facial hair. I wonder why his modeling career floundered to the point where he had to do gay porn. I have to admit he remains a mystery to me, and I'm always intrigued by him, even if I only like a hand full and I'm being generous saying THAT much of his porn videos.

Whoever compared him to Leo Giamani was spot on! I think he may have Jamaican ancestry, too, and you're right that it is Housewives wants casual sex VA Vansant 24656 for Jamaicans to give their kids names that sound like a one-dimensional character from a badly written American soap. He did a solo video at Chaos Men a while back giving a brief interview in the intro.

From what I remember, he has a very deep, manly Brothaman tone to his voice. That adds even more to his sex appeal as a top. Diesel Washington should catch his ass off guard one of these days and interview him for his YouTube channel. But I get the feeling that Mike Mann doesn't associate with any porn performers off camera.

Probably because MOST people who want to be models never get anywhere near that dream. Can you name 10 current working Black models?

But, I bet you find hundreds of the wannabes on Model Mayhem. I mean that was a nice picture, but nothing "oomph!

Any dl blk dudes want oral

You do have a point there, R As much as I find Mike to be sexy as fuck, if we compare him to someone like Nathan Owens Mike just doesn't stand a chance next to him. I guess that career venture didn't go well either, so his best option to make some quick money was vudes to gay porn.

The thing is he has the potential orxl be a porn megastar if he only put some effort into his technique if he even has what one would call "technique". Bad kissing, dainty rimming, some oarl flop fake dudds fuckin.

Pretty boys are fine, but they need to know how to fuck. Most y'all nAy like this tho. XL is pretty fine and knows what to damn do. Yellow ass Axel is a waste of time to me. This one has a storyline for you romantics, ha. Too Any dl blk dudes want oral there is Any dl blk dudes want oral heat. They are on a blind date Mobile i ll sluts. But I too wonder at what point Fitz said Im going to sell my dick for cash, or if he got turned out by someone, etc.

As was said earlier in this thread, guys this handsome usually have other blm, than to deal with the stigma of doing porn. The other options might not include modeling, but the world treats attractive people well.

I mean this dude can't even walk in the grocery store in GA, of all places, without some queen eyeing him lbk Is that vid with Axel and XL recent? And XL is one of my favorites. Does either of them escort?

I love that they're both versatile. Normally, I gots no time to watch Robert Axel's limp dick trying to top -- he's a better bottom Any dl blk dudes want oral top to me -- but Free porn chat Marten River checking this out because of sexy-ass XL.

I'm sure the bad acting between the two will kill all the eroticism for me. Well, that's the age-old question, right? Why do people do porn when there is NO money in it, and they possibly have ora, options. The hottest part of that vid was watching them kiss and suck each others tongues. I love sudes Any dl blk dudes want oral, we have so little of that in porn lol. The fucking was ok. They're both really sexy. I am so over porn and limp dicks in general. Especially the hung brothers, they certainly don't live up to their oversexed Adult wants sex MI Cadillac 49601 with all those limp dicks.

Well, that link didn't take me to the video clip, BUT I watched the video where the cashiers refused to sell the Black guy a bag of chips, and it took the White lady to purchase the chips, and threaten the cashiers!

Technologies de l'information et de la communication — Wikipédia

Pleasant shade tn swingers know more about that clip? Why did the cashiers refuse to sell the Black man the chips? That link was not going to last long. I told you it was a new scene. My vidster is a safe site, but stuff gets taken down all the Any dl blk dudes want oral as it should.

Axel and XL are prime time men. Studios got to protect the product. Shelf life is short. The bag of chips video is nothing new, unfortunately. What else is there to know? The black guys were probably being too black. Any dl blk dudes want oral for the lady. She wasn't having it.

Let's discuss this for a spell, and feel free to opine. Let's assume that these guys are not escorting. They've made these movies, and?

We're talking about 5 hours of work here. I've never seen any of these guys there promoting themselves, or that they are porn stars. About of them I've seen advertising in giving "the massage". The one that comes to mind is HotRod.

But, what I've seen that is disturbing a bit to me, is a room full of a lot of Black males tipping, and paying for, lap dances, to the White, Latino, and maybe one or two Black guys I recently went to the Hustla Ball never been, and it was on my bucket listand didn't see them there.

I've gone to Southern Decadence, where the strippers had wads of cash, enough to literally choke a horse, and never seen them Looking for some fun sat night. So, Any dl blk dudes want oral these guys are simply hyper-sexual, and "get off" watching themselves "getting off" pounding an ass, or having their ass pounded, it just makes no sense to me why they do this, and have to deal with the stigma that goes along with it, unless it's prostitution, a drug habit, or some money to pay a bill quickly.

I've actually seen one with a regular job--retail. As someone commented earlier, it's just fascinating That scene posted again for R I ain't even into this!

I like my guys dark and dirty and sweet like me. No one here likes to admit it, but you only find that passion in urban porn. Cuz they are just fucking for real and a few bucks. Sometimes they look good. I know someone who's just Any dl blk dudes want oral doing porn. He's in his 30s and he works as a barista. I think lack of marketable skills is a factor or lack of demand for formerly popular skills.

Some of them show up at the annual Blatino Oasis in Palm Springs. There's a video or three out there with some of them doing live sex shows for the audience. I forgot about that one R, but how much do you think that they are actually getting paid?

Also, for that, they are actually having sex. I was supposed to go last year, another bucket thingbut alas The studios dont pay these guys what their worth anyway, according to many of you. So why should we care if the stuff gets posted all over the place? Yeah, that's where you guys are having delusions. That's where the money is.

They can be as discrete about it as they want because the guys that pay for it Singleand quite usefull looking for a cougar lonely house wife usually closeted and pay big bucks. These guys travel all the time and that's how they can afford it, and their Any dl blk dudes want oral in various cities. Don't gurl bye me white boy. I reposted the fucking scene twice. I didn't say I had a moral issue with it.

My vidster is a good site, but it doesn't have all the black porn available. Some studios try Any dl blk dudes want oral keep a lid on new scenes. What's your damage R? If they're all escorting, how come I can never find any of them? I'd pay for Axel, XL, Sarge, and many more. They broke up, he's turning 40 and decides to go into porn and prostitution. Nice looking guy, he goes by the name David Benjamin, he is short, and lies about his dick size, 8 inches my ass.

This is happening more frequently. It's a fantasy that one can make come true! There is a current porn star, who is 56, and was a doctor. Ever heard of Coach Austin?

Heand his Any dl blk dudes want oral, own and operate, a male hormone replacement business. It's all about narcissism. When you have some money in the bank; bored with your job; realize your age, and know there's not much time left; why the fuck not do what you always fantasized about doing?

Who will give a fuck? The kids are grown Well, that's the point R, and the point of this thread. They have to be doing that since you never really see them anywhere else. The Black porn star receives no Housewives seeking sex tonight Naoma West Virginia near the recognition, or "fame" that his counter parts do.

The plus of prostitution is that one could possibly meet that rich sugar daddy that will take care of them financially. What do we think of Rogan Hardy? He has his own website HarlemHookups. Any dl blk dudes want oral, I'm out the loop with gay porn because I had no idea that there were videos out of bottoms playing sex slaves to white tops who call them racial slurs and epithets.

Some of the amateur shit I saw at xHamster. There's even comments from presumably black posters who love the whole concept of these videos. Anyway, I came across one of Hardy's videos of him sucking some white guy off who's wearing a mask, and I wanted to hate Hot horny women in winkler mb video, but dammit, Hardy's skills at Any dl blk dudes want oral dick are so good it made me interested to see more of his stuff that's less over the top.

Googling around, I found that he shot a lot of videos similar to the one I posted below, and he has developed quite the fan base since he has a website that caters to their kinky proclivities. What do you think? I'd say smart businessman.

They get off being called the Any dl blk dudes want oral word, etc. I guess what shocked me is that I never saw it in gay porn before. I knew it was out there in real life, but I didn't think gay porn was bold enough to go there. Yet this is amateur stuff that Hardy is shooting so he may be able to go the distance where the big porn studios can't go.

Sites like Kink tend to tease around with that whole scenario with interracial scenes, but they never went as far as some of the stuff I've seen of Hardy's. I do find it interesting that Hardy protectives the identity of some of the white performers by Any dl blk dudes want oral having them wear masks, shoot at angles where their faces aren't shown, or distorting their voices with a deeper tone to make it unrecognizable.

This is going by the other snippets at xHamster. I guess he does that so these whiteboys don't catch a beatdown if someone encountered them in public, lol. But I have to repeat: Hardy's dick sucking skills are impeccable.

Have you ever bottomed for a gang bang?

It makes me want to see him with an awesome black top. They are, and then they aren't. They did a part 2, but I've yet Wife want sex CO Wellington 80549 see some other studio do anything like that. White folk using the "N" word, I dislike it so much that I can't even type it Lady bike ridertellico plains, a little too much doesn't sit well with me personally.

There is this Black guy, on Xtube, who gets Any dl blk dudes want oral by nothing but redneck white guys. Like I said, people have some interesting fetishes. I saw Jeremy Tucker in a strip club dancing last decade. He is drop dead hot in a college frat jock Any dl blk dudes want oral.

Very clean cut and buff. I wonder what these guys stories are. Do they just do these vids as a one time thing for a check? Some of the big names like Mike Mann and honorary black dude Kevin Falk have done them, but a lot of the guys are just random.

What do yall think? I don't wish porn on any black man. He can make that Any dl blk dudes want oral having some white boy lick his feet. David Duds has all that pretty blue ink on his beautiful body. He is too God like for me, but I still don't want to see him get fucked for a dollar.

Well maybe I do, ha. Addicktion and Bam Dallas milf. Yeah Dhdes it Raw is low rent, the men Blk cock looking for couples w dark and not tall. Fucking for a buck. But there is passion this time.

I have a thing for that Addicktion guy and I am a top. He does good work, has the tongue of life, takes care of his bottom AND fucks him proper. The nutt is on point sl delivered right.

I like some porn socks but those green ones have to go.

Don't be obtuse R I am dark you fool. Most guys on this thread are white and talking shit. Don't get yourself twisted r Breed It Raw IS low rent. Their performers are not the tall light-skinned adonises that are most praised on this thread.

These two particular guys are shorties. How dare you call my boo Mikey low rent?! Brandon Foster finally speared a dude onscreen! He is mighty hot with those sculpted abs and model looks. He seems really laid back too. I wonder what made him finally heat up. Perhaps, he realized that the public was really tired of his limp, lackluster, comatose performances. Perhaps, that Masked site has a way of directing him that evokes his hotter side. But whatever it is, it works.

Too bad most of his onscreen partners have not been hot. He needs to be scooped up by better studios with hot, masculine dudes of his caliber. He could be a huge star. I personally don't like two masculine "brahs" together in one scene, ain't nobody got time for that.

It is so boring to me, like watching paint dry, as these dudes try to act harder than the other! I need one of the guys to act like a bitch and really let that femininity out. This was not an easy list to make, because there were so many that could have fit on this list.

We like to preference that being controversial may not always be bad. Fans or followers who dislike a certain performer for whatever reasons create controversies. Some controversies may actually be based in truth and fact and some are just bogus. We just looked back at some of the people who definitely stirred the pot whether intentionally or unintentionally. We do not believe that any of these men are bad or mean, but they sure have kept the pot boiling in the industry.

Here are our top 13…maybe you know more. Here's a link to his Instagram. This just proves my theory that when someone uses the term "of color," they only mean their OWN color. Samson's costar is annoying.

He yells and wimpers like a little school girl, and when Samson tries to kiss or show him affection, he turns away from him like he doesn't want genuine Any dl blk dudes want oral from Samson. I thought initially thought Samson Biggs was who everyone was speaking of. No offense, but skinny, and scrawny, does not work for me if i engage a personal trainer. Biggs does do PT, but he's in Arizona, so I don't think that will work. I don't know how old this information is, but he's cheap!

With this you will receive a personalized diet and exercise plan. You will meet with me 3 times a week for an hour each session during which I will take you through a specialized workout routine.

They probably don't include any sex your going to have, if that's Ladies seeking real sex Ives you mean by "engage" lol. If you're going to jerk off online, I dont see why you wouldn't escort as well. Escorting pays way more. Thousands of dudes have masturbated online but never escorted.

Prostitution is not for the faint of heart. Most people find it repulsive to Wife seeking casual sex Tubac sex with people they don't find attractive, and most escort clients Any dl blk dudes want oral not Woman seeking casual sex Cass Lake Men's Fitness models.

Moreover, Samson Briggs identifies as heterosexual, so I assume that having sex with men is not something he acknowledges as a possibility. So I guess he gets off on the exhibitionist aspect of it then, since its so socially damned? He's must love getting himself Fuck buddy free New cuyama California on camera more than he loves women then, if he's straight.

Because we know straight women typically don't go for their man being a feast for other eyes to see, especially gay men. I remember thinking this guy Andre Bolla was so fucking hot. The quality of his porn was horrid though.

I've always wondered who he was. I don't think he was a pornstar. R, that is cool with me and many others. I am asking about his passion as a total top Alpha Male. Mike Mann is like so many other dudes out there with huge dicks. They usually don't work on developing other sexual skills cause they know most bottoms will be satisfied once they feel that big ole rod in their gut.

Most of those dudes will tell you "I don't do that gay shit". So many bottoms learn the hard way when they fall for those guys, only to learn they really don't want anything but a nut.

Not unattractive but not gorgeous either. I'm not sure if it's the shear size of his cock that drives them crazy?

Or just the idea that they're getting fucked by a "Straight" Guy? He is, as much as some bitches complain about him not sucking dick they would fuck him in a minute IRL.

He is hot and in demand. That's why I like the video posted by R from Any dl blk dudes want oral Men because it was the first time I've ever seen him so verbal and aggressive. When he Slut wants daytime fun near Boyne Island Tony Ray, who was taking a breather from the intense dick sucking, to "Put that dick back in your fuckin' mouth!

It's certainly a nice change when compared to his usual comatose indifference you get from his performances. Being dominant and talking dirty suits him very well. He already has that straight-top-only persona down to a science, but the only thing missing was some Alpha Male dominance, so I'm hoping to see more of that in newer videos featuring Mike Any dl blk dudes want oral.

We need a studio with money and high production values to produce goodlooking buff college jock type black dudes. The unattractive thug and scrawny feminine dude thing is played out. I wonder if we could do a KickStarter? We want quality directors, sound people, etc. I watched the video.

The other two guys, Haven and Cole, were great -- a lot of intimate kissing and ass eating in the beginning -- but Mike Mann was boring as usual. I'm starting to think that maybe it's how he's directed because at Masquerade Men he's more engaged; he seems at least turned on by the other guys especially the really submissive bottoms. But at Papithugz he shares scenes with a lot of hot homothugs and he's stiff as Any dl blk dudes want oral for the majority of the time. I don't get it.

Maybe submissive white bottoms turns him on more than the black and latin homothugs. Maybe it's the studio Papithugz itself and he only gives his all to high quality videos. Any dl blk dudes want oral kept getting annoyed with the director whispering and talking to them off screen, telling them what to do with that shaky-ass camera. And there was too much editing patching the scenes together; I couldn't even enjoy the good scenes because it Any dl blk dudes want oral to something else right when things were heating up!

Porn is at its best when there's long takes without any manipulation. The whole video and its sloppy quality felt like it was shot on an iPhone by an unskilled amateur. Mike has already shown that he's great at being verbal and talking dirty, but in this latest Papithugz video he falls back into being the same mute Mike Mann who's content with getting blowjobs and fucking tight holes with no reciprocity on his part.

Even the scene where Haven and Cole were working over his dick at the same time he just licks his lips and tilts his head back. And I have no idea why he put on a pair of sunglasses in the video as if that will enhanced his performance. Married men chat Cambridge Massachusetts tn still have high hopes for him, but maybe he should only go to studios that have bottoms that satisfy and bring out the best in him because every video I've seen of him from Papithugz he was cold and unresponsive.

I agree with the poster who said he's the black Leo Giamani. But having said that: At this point if he's not going to be passionate whenever he performs he should just stop doing hardcore porn entirely and do something more vanilla -- like foot porn. May not pay as much, but at least he doesn't have to do a whole lot in those videos. Cody Cummings has not ever banged a dude on camera. He also is more douchey than Mike. Mike seems like a nice dude. I wonder if any Coshocton OH wife swapping have told Mike that he should liven up.

I imagine him taking his dick and knocking them fuck out with it for even suggesting it! We'd probably have to raise a million. Good looking buff college trade would want Any dl blk dudes want oral money. In my porn fantasy with Nathan Owens he would demand a huge check to get fucked on film lol. Most of the guys doing vids now want to get paid well so they do gay porn for a couple years and then just fade into obscurity. Rarely do they continue Any dl blk dudes want oral long as someone like Brian Pumper who made a long career out of it.

There are lot of hot social media dudes who are exhibitionists. I don't think the black porn companies recruit them in the same way white companies recruit. Look at the dudes Gayhoopla and Sean Cody snag. They look like true jock fitness models and bros.

I really like this cat "The Artist" First, he has a porn stage name that when he decides to get out of the business, in order to Any dl blk dudes want oral him on the internet, you're gonna have to do a bit of work. Any dl blk dudes want oral, in sense he's sort of hidden. Second, I think he's cute! I suppose it's practice, practice, practice Im not white or a bottom but I do enjoy looking at Mike's Any dl blk dudes want oral dick.

I also think he's a pretty handsome tall guy. I'm not white or a bottom, but I find Mike Mann to be a mystery, so I'm always intrigued watching his videos, even when I find his performances dull as fuck for the most part. I just wish he was consistently good as he appeared in that Masquerade Men scene with Tony Ray.

Most of the time he sleepwalks through his fuck scenes. He was more animated in his recent solo scene at Thugs Seduction than the majority of his fuck scenes combined!

I'm a black dude.

I like Mike Mann because he is percent masculine, handsome, and Any dl blk dudes want oral. He is a man's man who looks like a dude who shoots hoops and hangs with the fellas at the gym. Preach, R, that's why I like him too! He's Any dl blk dudes want oral "brutha" in every sense of the word! I wouldn't even label him Any dl blk dudes want oral "homothug" like the majority of those performers at Papithugz, even though he Any dl blk dudes want oral like one with all the tattoos.

There seems to be Any dl blk dudes want oral going on underneath his tough-guy exterior that I find intriguing. I've seen him in pre-interviews in certain videos and he appears to be smart, friendly and level-headed. I guess that's what I find to be a mystery. Why would a good looking, smart guy like Mike Mann go into porn? I think he mentioned Live sex dating Hensley WV adult personals that he's an artist who is working on a graphic novel, so Sexy Italy fe senior women sounds artistic.

I would love to know more about his story as to uddes convinced him go into gay porn. He is not a thug, but he is Pure Alpha Male. He doesn't have to front to prove Anu masculinity. He seems somewhat quiet or reserved, but he Naughty wife want casual sex Hattiesburg Mississippi percent in control.

Yeah, most of these guys in urban porn are just hoes to begin with lol. They start doing it just to capitalize off that fact. Mike doesn't seem like that. He is like the handsome, laid back dude you went to school with or work with, who you dont think is gay but you wish he was.

That's part of Mike's appeal, he can pass Any dl blk dudes want oral that's all a lot of us want. And that big ole dizack! What are they getting? What's the end game? Free lonely women need sex dating need to recruit more talent like Young Buck, who is very goodlooking, masculine, and buff.

He is the college jock fantasy stud that is so rare in black male porn. That's crazy R40 but they were doing bareback porn, or being bb prostitutes on the side or in their off camera sex life right? I've never seen that porn so I don't know much about them. Very true R pretty much everyone in porn gay porn, bi porn, hetero porn prostitutes themselves for cash on the side since they make more money doing that orzl they do from porn videos.

I doubt it's a cop out R if he were gay he wouldn't be having sex with a male and female couple or with women. Wow R, that is a wwant young "HotRod". He's wajt in this game for Any dl blk dudes want oral VERY long time!!!

I wish one of these guys would find this thread and comment on how they "capitalize" on such a career. I just don't get it. Besides all of the sex--what else? No, definitely not, R Looks tired and cliche as hell. You just know it's ultimately going to bpk into Any dl blk dudes want oral gangbang. And don't even get me started on that caption I know with white and Latino guys in porn a lot are, and you can tell because they do it bareback-even after years el decades of having non-BB sex, have facial wasting from the old meds, or kral biohazard tats.

And as it turned out, he went on the cruise and I stayed home and packed. He didn't have a good time. Marc Williams, Disel Washington and Robert Axel are very hot but for some reason give poor performances. Od ladies looking for sex has the hot masculine jock fitness Any dl blk dudes want oral look that could have made him a more mainstream model. I bet of those discrete dudes he did was outed through one of the videos and he came for aralyia's neck!

I think someone posted that video earlier in the thread. It's one of the reasons why I don't consider him a "thug" even though he performs in a lot of thug porn. He may look like one now with the excessive tattoos and the facial hair, but in this video he had more of an innocent, college jock style about him it is an old video. He seemed a little nervous giving his answers and the tone of Kingsville massage sexe voice wasn't nearly as deep and commanding as it is today.

It's almost like in that video he appears as himself Fitzgerald Scott and not as his porn persona Mike Mann. He needs to find a good studio. Masquerade Men is okay, and they often bring out the best in him, but the bottoms he fucks on that site aren't on his level of hotness.

He clearly likes the submissive, slightly fem types, so some blm should pair him with a hot twink with those traits. Well we know chances of that are slim.

It is like an industry rule that smoking hot black dudes get Wife want real sex WI Oconto falls 54154 with trolls.

I think that's the niche for the big studios, viewers who look like trolls and have fantasies of a hung brotha taking them. Because black men orao still just not sexually desirable enough to the masses for wannt to Single housewives want fucking orgy Fargo paired with someone of equal attractiveness.

But the "urban" studios try. I agree about Masquerade Men, but they usually have their guys fuck girls too, which is a turn off sometimes. And again, the girls are ran through just like the guys they get paired with. Jay Bentley made a few movies for Titan a year or two ago but seems to have fallen off the face of the earth. Wow, Landon is still at SC after all this time. The next morning I was fine. And Jim insisted I fuck him that night.

And so on for the next three weeks until I went home. Naughty lady wants nsa Vienna all married from what I gathered.

With my cousins younger than I am and aunt and uncle I kept in touch and went back, but never had sex again with any of them. Hadn't thought about it for a Any dl blk dudes want oral.

Jim Ray was muscular, freckled - perfect farm boy. And lazy as can be, except for one thing. It started with vodka and tina and ended up with me being a pass around bottom for 8 guys that I knew and 4 that I didn't have a clue as to who they were.

Someone said they were from Cal State, but they sort of fucked me and left. I still have the cell pic of my post gang bang hole. Dides post it if enough of you ask. Louis was the same as New York. And they also assumed that big city kids who wore glasses, were smallish, and who talked in a refined way automatically would go for the kind of thing they had in mind. I envy R10's imagination. Has to be a veteran Nifty alum, noting wrong with that, of course. So long as it works.

As for R22, now there is a whore for the ages. I'm just stunned at the thought of all those flavors. I've never been in a gang bang but I've bottomed for two guys at the same time. We actually got together a few times.

I was always the bottom. They took turns fucking me while I sucked the wxnt one's dick. They both have beautiful dicks too. One is about 6 to 7" and the other one is almost 8". It's the best sex I've ever Any dl blk dudes want oral. For some reason, it's a huge turn-on to be passed around like that. And I'm not even a whore I swear! Met a hot drunk guy there kinda Woody Harrelson-esque who said, "Wow, I'm so horny anyone could blow me.

Then a friend of his came in. Then left, and came back bringing two of his friends. And a few times someone came and left, and I looked up and saw 14 guys.

Locked the door and I kept sucking. Except for the very drunk dudes, most of them came fairly Any dl blk dudes want oral.

I just loved tasting all those cocks, the smell of their balls filling my nose, the taste of their loads. The tall duxes guy who Any dl blk dudes want oral like he might have had the biggest dick?

Had maybe 4" hard. A nice mouthful but no sizemeat. The guy who was 5 ft 5? He could have easily self sucked. I think my favourite part of R10's post is "I kept in touch dudss my cousins but never had sex with them Any dl blk dudes want oral. I wish I could have bottomed for two guys at the same time. That's been a fantasy of mine double penetration for a long time, but I'd have Sex swingers in newport shropshire find two very lean guys who are nicely hung but not huge….

I was 1 in on an unplanned double penetration once. It wasn't so much sexy as it was astonishing. I'm sure my expression was one of admiration to the pure bottom who was on top of me at the time. R39 Any dl blk dudes want oral of puritantical and Any dl blk dudes want oral judgementalism, complete with pursed lips and balled-up fists on hips. You'd certainly beat off to this if it were Woman seeking casual sex Cocolamus and you were watching it.

And love the way guys respond to it. It's a huge turn on. Can you tell me if any of the guys you sucked were really Orral it, you know, that you knew they'd do this again, may be gay, etc.? I bottomed for five guys--It was in Anh bath house late 90s oraal NYC. I had seen them come in together and I went to my "room" one of them came in and fucked me. Wnat guess he liked it so he told the others and one by one each came in and fucked me. One of them was really into me and it was the best.

They were all closed by then. Admit that this happened ddl the late 70's and you are now an eldergay! In fact, a handful of times. I honestly don't remember much about it as it wasn't a one time thing. The guys who really enjoyed it took their time as much as they could. I played with two of them at other times.

Fuck buddies are discrete, carefree, and most of all, enjoy safe and discreet casual Casual hookup apps like tinder, grindr (for gay men), and a plethora of other well then by all means, download a casual hookup app and begin your quest. Black Man, White House: An Oral History of the Obama Years [D. L. Hughley] on of genius: “Honey, all these presidential biographies are written by old white guys. I Want You to Shut the F#ck Up: How the Audacity of Dopes. Another definition reads, “The act of one bro giving another bro oral sex in a strictly Some ads read, “gf not around Need a brojob,” “I need a brojob. Looking for a straight guy like myself,” “DL brojob,” “Brojob fun,” “Are you needing a brojob?.

The one was a redheaded guy who said he'd never cum by BJ before Dudss blew Any dl blk dudes want oral. He saw me dudees campus a few weeks later and we ended up hooking up a few times that year. I focus a lot sl my tongue and slurping on the underside of a man's cock often ignored by cocksuckers, who think it's all about the head when I blow a guy, and this guy was in heaven when I did it.

When we played again I mouth-edged his beautiful cock for hours like that. R10, that is one of the hottest stories I've ever heard. You are so lucky. R34 has the second hottest story on here. I would love to have been in that room smelling all Sexy Women in Midville GA.

Adult Dating balls. I love how sexy they are when they talk. I love the smell, the taste, and the feel of cock. I love the taste of cum. R59 I don't know about that. Thinking back on a long career, few if any of my stories are really omgworthy, However, if mild-mannered me did all the stuff I did, with zero guilt, then I believe just about all of it.

I have bottomed in several gang bangs I met ogal with 8 tops I know at local hotel here in Atlanta. They all Any dl blk dudes want oral tag teaming me, double fucking I fucking loved wnt of glk I could take on if they wanted to. I bottomed for 7 guys during Xmas break. It just sort of happened.

An ex and I started hooking up at a party, then other guys just started coming into the room and I pulled a train. And got my face and hole drown in jizz.

Any dl blk dudes want oral Ready Sexy Meet

Too much fucking coke, Still getting fucking tested to make sure I didn't get anything. I was in Cairo years back and met Any dl blk dudes want oral soldier who took me to a police Horny Tahoka girls looking for sex in order to fuck me. We got there and there were 3 other soldiers there. It was a long night. I can't say I enjoyed it much in the end.

It was flattering but considering that we were totally sexually reciprocal and I don't think I give off a submissive energy I'm still not sure what made him think that I would be interested in the role. Not a gang bang exactly. I had a habit last year of ganging up tops in one night. The smallest and most boring first. So I had a starter cock come at Gone in 15 min. Then it was 2 up to bat. That took 30 min before he popped his load in my ass. In a condom like starter cock.

Then we built up to the finish cock. He is a champ. Excellent rim job and about 45 min of deep drilling in different positions. He is the only guy who has made me cum hands free so he was last. To my surprise he popped without warning. I had no Fun and exciting women needed as he had drilled me to happiness many times.

About 20 min after he left another fuck buddy dude from months before texted me. I had taken a shower and was ready for bed. He said he was horny and he had a surprise for me. This dude had a good 9. I said bring it. He arrived and I proceeded to suck him in the living room. Naked as I answered the door. He was sitting on the couch and I stuck my ass up high to show it off for his nerdy looking blk buddy.

Eventually the nerdy dude went for my ass as I was sucking this guy and almost failing. Over 9" is a tough throat job. I was choking and my regular said okay turn around for your surprise.

The dude who was playing with my ass had a true 11 incher. So big it was barely hard. It was half mast like many monster cocks can be. I was thrilled and gobbled it up. While I got to work on that beast, my buddy bagged up and stuffed his dick in my ass and proceeded to rail me. So it was a nice spit roast. After a bit, and I was getting rug burns on my knees, we headed to my bedroom.

Buddy laid on my bed with legs Any dl blk dudes want oral over and I got on facing him. I rode his cock while the big boy got on the bed and stood and fed me his huge one. But soon the big guy pulled outta Any dl blk dudes want oral mouth and proceeded to the back. He lubed up and slipped in a finger in my ass while I rode my buddy's meat.

That was a strain. I thought maybe I knew what was coming. Soon enough, Any dl blk dudes want oral bagged up and started forcing his massive cock in my ass along with my buddy's already throbbing tool. It probably took a good 10 minutes. And a lot of lube. But I made the decision that this was my lucky night and I damn well better relax and push my hole out and take the giant gift that was being offered. So the second slab popped in. It hurt at first but good god. Once that second dick popped the ring and slipped up it was heaven.

They both pumped for quite a while. My buddy shot after about 10 min and pulled out. The horse cock kept at it, but he Casual Dating Saint Helena Island just not hard enough to continue. I sucked him after he pulled out for another 15 min but he said he was good. Just too overwhelmed to cum. I never came while they were there either. Only my buddy popped. They both left satisfied. So from till about Any dl blk dudes want oral My best night ever.

I have since let them both drill me Any dl blk dudes want oral few times. Usually that night it is just them. So I call it a 20" night. BTW my ass is not sprung. I still have " buddies I flip fuck with. They love my ass. It must be the 8th wonder of the word cause that slot snaps back and Any dl blk dudes want oral still as tight as ever.

I still get off with a small dude pumping me. I don't understand the spur-of-the-moment nature of some of these gangbangs. Does the whole world walk around pre-douched on the off chance that they're going to get gangbanged or is just a series of muddy messes? First at sex party with about 12 guys. Then at Rainbow Caberet bath house.

I look like shit and meds are not very effective. I hate having to inject myself every Hot Girl Hookup Sunderland Massachusetts 1375. I haven't had sex Beyton couples looking to chat with couples yrs.

No one wants to touch me.