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Wonder how many of these are dopey white females http: You're an ignorant idiot.

I Searching Nsa Black girl in Philadelphia sc gettin fuck

Pihladelphia I think you are a piece of shit. How bout research how many white people killed black people or white people killing other white people, whether its their wives, gfs or what not. You are seriously a piece of work. There are just as many cases. You found these cases because Blacm were only researching black on white crime.

It's people like you that make this world continue down the racist path.

Meet woman to fuk in your country.

You are a sad pathetic soul. How many white females kill their children? How many white people kill their parents?

How many white serial killers have there been? And for the idiot that made te first comment, there is just as much media coverage for these cases as there is for a case of a black person being killed. I don't usually wish harm on people but I hope you crash into a poll and not survive. You seriously are dumb.

Sincerely A white female.

These are worrying crimes but to say if they were with a white guy it would never have happened is extremely foolhardy. Whites may have a higher tendency to commit massive killings Oklahoma, etc but blacks commit, per capita, 10 times the number of violent crimes as whites.

Of course, it takes brains to plan and build something like the OK bombing and blacks aren't good at either. You sign yourself a white female, well it sounds like you are just has brainwashed and gullible as the women on this blog. I pray for your safety if Balck are dumb enough to hook-up with a blak mooch.

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This blog concerns inter-racial relationships. Only the black male is so violent toward the white female - which is WHY I decided to make a blog.

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Hot want sex Cochrane Statistics show that the white female is 12x more likely to be in a domestic violence situation with a black Black girl in Philadelphia sc gettin fuck than a white male. Based on what I've seen Leretseh not only are you a blatant racist you are also an idiot with too much time on your hands.

The fact that SLAVERY existed in this country trumps whatever rationalization or point you were trying to make about what tormentviolence and abuse Black men did or does to innocent, helpless white females.

Let's look at it like this. Who creates the despicable drug trade?

Black girl in Philadelphia sc gettin fuck

The users or the overseas suppliers? It's the overseas suppliers e. Black girl in Philadelphia sc gettin fuck users want the "stuff" but they need a despicable supplier. After the Negroid Africans rounded up their slaves they invaded other tribes and abducted adult men and women Housewives wants nsa King George old adults were usually slaughtered, children were left to starve to death While the Negroid African marched his captives toward the slave ports any captive who could not make the long journey was tied to a tree alive to be eaten alive by lions or hyenas.

And what did the Negroid African want for his captive fellow Africans? He wanted sea shells no, I am not kidding. When the Negro captives were brought to America they were almost always treaded humanely ,that is when bought by white men.

The worst fate for the black man being sold into slavery At least the black man now had a purpose, a daily Blaci to perform. He was guaranteed food Swinger in augusta ga a place to live.

Most lived on large plantations in the South and white people saw little of them. Today, most adult urban black men have no purpose, and Black girl in Philadelphia sc gettin fuck wonder the streets looking for gwttin cardboard box to live under.

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It's going to get much much for the black man in white man's world. Insecure white males,murder happens by all races everyday,your history is of murder,deceit and hatred. Thousands killed by whites in hate crime, slavery murder of native aAmericans etc.

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Serial killeres,child molesters,school and public shootings u white people hold the trophies. Watch id channel if i intentionally trolled around like the the loser u are for white crimes it would crash sites. Therefore, per capita, blacks are ten times more likel;y to commit a violent crime. There are the facts.

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Hell, ever seen or heard of a nation of blacks that wasn't a third world country? You Black girl in Philadelphia sc gettin fuck to appear as if you had so much to contribute to this society which I Philadelpnia doubt while throwing around statistics! Then you take to the internet anonymous, mind you to appear as if you have some knowledge regarding Black men!

Stop trying to appear holier than thou, because you're NOT! You're just upset at the fact that some white women stop viewing white men as suitable mates! You are so torn up inside that your hate drives you to the internet to whine and discuss why those 'women' need to steer clear of what they've come LOVE: Is this what people do during their down time, Gettln hate and insecurity on the internet?!! Those who are brainwashed begin to emulate, think, walk, talk Philwdelphia dress like their oppressor, especially those who were STRIPPED of Adult sex in el paso identity to appease the minds of your likeness because they needed to feel superior Philadelphja their pale ass skin and stringy, matted hair!!!

You hate the obvious facts. Sadly, our race of people are in a deteriorating state. Denial is what's keeping us down. Can't solve a problem when you refuse to acknowledge what everyone else knows!

You should change your name to Butt Hurt! Sandy hook,columbine, Phlladelphia bundy,gacey,speck,priest molesting children,indiana shooting white male kills employee n customer.

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Where's all the white crimes? Boy your a sad excuse of a human being,only telling one side of the story. But i guess ID channel and you tube shows 90 percent of your crimes since theres so many.

Remember you murdered are peaceful intelligent Black girl in Philadelphia sc gettin fuck who fought for peace and equality x,king,Kennedy brothers,lincon. So Sex tonight in Winfield Kansas is your ancestor doing as sad as it may be. Hate and murder gets more hate and murder.

Well during slavery white crimes against blacks. Was over to 1 so should Have stayed out of africa n america but yet you stil steal,plunder, and pillage in Africa because its the richest nation in the world for natural resources especially diamonds so u went over there took slaves and said we own this country,then came here murdered all the indians which is y theres some restitution casino's and steal all their land.

Housewives wants real sex Jamesville hate Philadelohia innocent people dying but your people started this.

So enjoy the hateful world they created. One of these victims who was murdered was my granddaughter.

I cannot believe how these things can happen, she was my first granddaughter. I loved her so much. Why is he still living, he killed her and her best friend??? Why don't you research that yourself Michelle?

If you do, you'll find out that the statistics for white on black crime are staggeringly lower than the statistics for black on white violence. The above women paid a very high price.

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Sadly, they were intrigued by the black man's large penis. Unfortunately, their family Black girl in Philadelphia sc gettin fuck paid the high price too! Michelle, if you click on the link at the top of the page that says "main menu, you can see what you suggested has been done.

Also, point outif you can, ONE case where getin white male murdered his black wife. Or ONE case where a white female murdered her black husband. Reading these posts makes me realize just how giel brainwashing has occurred with these posters.

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You have to ask yourself and them: Why on earth would they choose to associate with a much older, rough-looking, unemployed, criminally-minded BLACK male Bases on what I see here I do agree that the white female should keep her distance from the black man. Blacks are the burden of America. Look at Africa; 3rd world rats living Philadrlphia filthy huts in poverty.

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Living in poverty here too. What an advanced people. Some of these female victims, esp the very 1st top article, "she's clearly asian or from the pacific. The rest of those who were not white are mainly " Hispanic females or of mix Black girl in Philadelphia sc gettin fuck of white and other nationalities". Also on a side note! I decided to include them only because of the brutal nature of their deaths.

A good example is Clearly, she is Hispanic.