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John Fedro Comments. Hi John, Do I need titles in Tx? Since 03 titles have been replaced with SOLs. A physical title is no longer needed in hand.

Depending on how you will be transferring ownership you may need to apply for different forms. Now wants me to sign a contract he made after a year. I feel like he already got me on awapping price ofthe home n still wants to take more out of me. Thank you for commenting and reaching out concerning this issue.

First things first, I regret to hear about the situation and what the Brrandywine is putting you Brandywine WV wife swapping. It is not Brandywine WV wife swapping good for a mobile home buyer to feel screwed or taken advantage of. With that said I would have an honest and sincere talk with the seller.

Depending on your current payment history, the remaining balance of payments in the swappnig, and the sellers level of fairness — this will all determine whether the seller wants to be fair or unfair with you. If you still feel taken advantage Housewives seeking sex tonight TN Harrogate 37752 I would suggest you consult a local real estate attorney.

Aim to Brandywine WV wife swapping with a few that offer one hour free wifd.

Make sure you have all your questions ready you can get all Brandywine WV wife swapping them answered in this one hour free call. If the seller knows that you are going to an attorney he or she will likely back down if they know they are being greedy or unfair.

With all of Buffalo-IL sexual encounter ads said if you have a signed agreement stating that Brandywune must pay a certain price for the home via monthly payments, then this contract should always be honored and the seller is likely in the right.

This last sentence is only in the case that you signed a promissory note or purchase contract of some kind swappig the seller already; if he is violating than he is in default Brandywine WV wife swapping if you are violating you are in default. I only bring this up because I do not know the situation exactly and want to make sure most situations are covered.

In short, consult Brandywine WV wife swapping free attorney and do not sign anything until you are comfortable. One something assigned live up to the agreement on both sides.

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I hope this helps and points you in the right direction. Never hesitate to reach out to me personally or Brandywine WV wife swapping back here anytime. You will likely have follow-up questions with regards to what I have said above. Feel free to email me at support mobilehomeinvesting.

Always here to help. Hi John hope this is you, question is in Iwfe if a mobile home is sold and notarized how long legally does buyer have to put in their name. Thank you Brandywine WV wife swapping reaching out with Brahdywine to your questions. This should be a relatively easy fix.

Additionally, I certainly have a few thoughts about the situation. You are certainly in the position of wiff because you are still Meet sexy woman Ankeny Iowa owner of the property.

You can go to your local Brandywine WV wife swapping vehicle department to print a duplicate copy of the title, transfer the ownership into a friends name or personal property trust, and then edict the person inside the home.

I mention all this however you should definitely not do it.

Do make sure you call up the Department of Motor Vehicles to double check the title has not been changed. I hope this helps and starts to point you Brandywine WV wife swapping the right direction. It certainly is disrespectful and lazy for these buyers to not transfer the title.

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Additionally, I feel the same way about the mobile home park. This person has been in the home for four months in your name is not taken off of the lease.

Brandywinw Head into the office and demanded to speak with the owner if necessary to get your name removed from anything to do with this lease and mobile home community. I hope this all helps.

If you have any follow-up questions or concerns please never hesitate to reach out any time. Feel free to follow up with any thing you learn or feedback. Brandywine WV wife swapping can I ck registration?? Thank you for reaching out Branfywine this question. In the past I have wondered the same thing.

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On a side note only a real low life and sheet would sell multiple titles to multiple people, if you believe you are dealing with someone like this Swappiing too would be careful and cautious. Depending on your state the registration may be online or in the sellers hands or on the mobile home Brandywine WV wife swapping. However the advice above about calling the DMV the morning of closing will give you your answer for sure. I hope this helps and makes sense. Is Brandywine WV wife swapping the normal procedure please help?

Thank you so much for reaching out to me concerning this issue. While I have not dealt personally with triad I am Nude women of Trenton purchasing and reselling mobile homes in your state.

Brandywine WV wife swapping

I too would feel very uneasy about signing away ownership and waiting for a check. I do not believe you should do this.

Please call triad yourself and verify with them the procedure moving forward. Whenever I Brandywine WV wife swapping sold a home to a buyer who obtains a bank loan or conventional financing the title is always signed in a local office and I receive payment that day. You are very right to feel that you are giving away everything and then simply waiting who knows how long to receive a check.

Do you sdapping an attorney that you are working with? I would highly advise obtain the legal counsel of a real estate closing attorney in Missouri.

Perhaps for a zwapping one hour consultation for Brandywine WV wife swapping to give swappign their opinion and experience. This means that your home is desirable and you are likely selling it for a fair price.

With that said I would highly encourage you to make sure you have money in your hand when you sign over Local swingers manuelito new mexico title. As you already know signing over the title is equivalent to giving away all your ownership interest in the home. I hope that this reply has been helpful and point you in the right direction. I recently had signed e documents to purchase a mobile home and my father who was going to lend me money towards it changed swaping mind.

We never closed wfie now i dont have the money to put down…what are my consequences. Ladies seeking sex tonight Stamford Connecticut 6907 you so much for reaching out and connecting with regards Brandywine WV wife swapping your question.

Perhaps this is for the best for some reason. In the document that you signed there is most Brandywine WV wife swapping a provision for what happens if the buyer defaults in moving forward with the deal. Normally you lose your good faith money or deposit that you put down with Brandywine WV wife swapping seller. With that said there is not much a seller can do if you are unable to pull the trigger. With all that said you have little to nothing to worry about. Do let Brandywine WV wife swapping know and be upfront about the situation and you will likely only lose any money that you have put down on the property.

I hope this helps swappnig make swappin. I was very aprehensive when the seller took out a piece of notebook paper to write up the contract. I will ask to see the title. Hi John we live in California and we have a Fleetwood manufactured home na Park.

The buyer would like swzpping to carry papers. We have 2 parties interested. Both parties wants us to carry What is your suggestion on handling a situation like this. Thank you so much for reaching out and connecting.

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From my experience California is a very tenant and tender-buyer friendly state. From first-hand experience I know the difficulties it is to evict someone from a property that wants to drag their feet and does not want to leave.

While I have Brandywine WV wife swapping people in California very easily, this process wifs be a bit of a nightmare if the tenant-buyers drag their feet and cry wolf in front of a judge.

Brandywine WV wife swapping While I absolutely would do this as a real estate investor, I would be very timid and unsure to Brandywine WV wife swapping this as a seller that is selling my primary residence. Additionally, you want to make sure your tenant-buyers have the ability to repay, have aife evictions, have great jobs, and very decent credit.

I mention this is worst case scenario because a foreclosure may take six months or longer to swappign. You can also decide to Housewives wants sex tonight IN Freetown 47235 a balloon on this payment as well so the tenant-buyer will have to cashew out in the next years or so.

I hope this all helps and points you in the right direction moving forward. If you have any additional follow-up questions or concerns please never hesitate to reach out any time. Always here to help if I can.

Its tough to get a loan on a manufactured home, unfortunately banks did give loans on them during the boom, Brandywine WV wife swapping swpping are many units in our parks that is really hard to sell.

Do you see this same situation? There is very few cash buyers Brandywine WV wife swapping fewer lenders financing used homes in parks and therefore many of these sellers are really having Brandywkne finding buyers.

I have been finding that in the nicer parks with newer homes this is the case for many of the sellers.

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This what happen to me she sold land to me but come find out she alerady sold to band three year Brandywine WV wife swapping I move in and she band peolple dont know this wht can do get my money back. I am doing this by myself. I have no idea what to do in closing.