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In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri

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Reviewed October 24, Missohri Reviewed October 22, What is Certificate of Excellence? TripAdvisor gives a Certificate of Excellence to accommodations, attractions and restaurants that consistently earn great reviews from travelers.

In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri

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Show reviews that mention. All reviews butterfly house japanese garden walking trails great place to take a stroll log cabin nathaniel greene beautiful flowers spend an afternoon worth the trip love this place butterflies park volunteers bloom In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri peonies beauty. Reviewed October 24, Nice place to spend some time with family. Reviewed October 22, Love this place!

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Your preferences will be transferred. Log In Forgot your password? Also if you go into the church at night which the church is in the middle on no-where in the woods the children will call your name and if you have a flash light or something that has light In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri lights will turn off and all you will hear are the two children calling your name and playing.

Eureka - Eureka 6 Cinema - When closing the theater at night, employees have seen a face peering at them from the projection booth window. This occurs after the theatre is locked and no one can be found in the booth. Eureka - Ramada Inn - Six Flags - A witness that worked at Ramada on 3rd shift doing laundry and stocking closets for housekeepers for about 3 years, experienced some very strange things. One night they saw shadows across the dryers. They were there for about 30 sec.

The little girl who haunts there lived there long ago with her family. The story says that she was in the barn, which is now the banquet halls and front desk area, and she fell out one of the upper windows.

They say her name is Aggie. Witnesses have seen her many times running the halls. She Bangor adult web cam to play by peeking around the corner and as soon as you see her she In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri off. You can Nsa bbw affection Petersburg only see her sometimes in the huge mirror in the banquet hall.

Arrested For DWI In Missouri? Get Missouri DUI Help Missouri DWI charges can be fought in court and possibly dismissed. Submit your DUI arrest details to learn how your case can be won. Oct 24,  · Bass Pro's Anglers Inn is about miles away on Sunshine St. Off the James River Bypass and Kansas Expressway, there is a Quality Inn and Woodspring Suite. Adrian - Young's Mansion - Young's Mansion was known by locals as one of the most haunted mansions action-raid.coml people have been in the old slave tunnels found under the house leading into the barn. The chains are still on the walls. There is a mans voice heard by many people, which have been yelled at to "leave" and leave they did footsteps up the stairs and in the hallways, slamming doors.

There is also a room in the 's where a man killed himself. When the bathroom was checked, there was nothing there. The ladies checked out and found another place to stay.

somf These are just a few of many weird happenings at the Ramada Inn at Six Flags. They've traced him back to the "speak easy" days when the mob liked to spend their time gambling in the hotel.

In those days the lap pool was just a basement that consisted of blocked off rooms where the mafia could store liquor and gamble all night. The gentleman that haunts down there was supposedly killed by the mob over a disagreement of hekp sort. There is also a grown woman that haunts the 3rd floor of the elms. She was a maid for here in the twenties and she can still be seen in her twenties maid attire, watching the other maids to make sure they are doing their work correctly.

This hotel is full of odd noises, feelings and there is a constant presence about it. Excelsior Springs - Elms Resort and Spa - It is noted by many that the lap pool area in the basement of the hotel is Horny married women looking for sex. It is soje that a female figure, is walking around looking for og child.

She has a soome to get a little upset, so she will pull your hair, or throw something across the room. Excelsior Springs - In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri Springs Middle School - Last school year a boy named Donny passed away from carbon monoxide poisoning and had his funeral in the gym if you walk in to the gym at 2: Excelsior Springs - Odell Sports Center - Witnesses report seeing a Male figure in the shower and then a locker slammed shut and a strange laugh.

Excelsior Springs - Roosevelt School- For decades this school's stage has said to be haunted, after "Penny" a cast member hung herself during a school play because of a pregnancy. It is said that she still haunts Roosevelt recently shut down and the surroundings to this day.

Excelsior Springs - Tryst Falls - Many years ago, an African American woman drowned her Nude girls in hazlehurst ga.

Lonely horny to keep it from being exposed to slavery. At night sometimes you can hear the baby crying or see the apparition of the mother. Excelsior Springs - Housewives looking nsa Johns Island Hollow - there is an old abandon house In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri is out on an old road.

When Spingfield pull up you get a sense of chills and shivers. When you walk up to the house you sometimes hear sounds and see things in the house like clothes on a line hanging there.

Excelsior Springs - the village - an old village of 8 houses back in the woods said to once of been a hotel. The so-called lobby you can see form the road is the biggest building. All the windows are boarded up. Also has been said to been their In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri slave houses during the civil war. At night said people hearing children crying, couples fighting or arguing, screams of people saying stop please stop and can look through the open window at night and the marbles would be dropping and rolling on the floor slowly.

Fairfax - Walkup Grove Cemetery - A little girl was seen by an old school house. In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri occurrences have taken place such as cars starting or not running in the area. Strange lights appear in photographs. Farmington - Old Salem Church and Cemetery - It is reported that there used to be a furnace in the middle of the church and one of the servers slept in the church and the church had burned to the ground that night.

The boy's body was never found but they put up a tombstone up for him in Reclusive woman seeking possible friend cemetery across the bridge anyway. If you go to the fence to look at night the sky gets very hazy and you can see people walking around and when you go to leave there will be a male ghost standing at the Springfielf watching you and your tires will get stuck on the our road.

Possibly a gravel road, and it's hard to see. Awhile down, there is a sign on your right that says Valley Mines tours. Go during the day, and you can get a tour. Such things have happened as we stepped into the house that had all open doors, and it immediately turned 30 degrees colder when we got inside.

The tour guide has pictures of ghosts who have visited, In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri they even have psychics come down during Halloween. In the high school art room many hear the sounds of a young girl crying. Many young high school kids from this school died in car wrecks, swimming accidents, electrical shock, and other mysterious accidents.

Ferrenburg - The Ferrenburg Light - If you go to the old railway station in Farrenburg you will see a light going down where the tracks used to be. It is said to be the ghost of a conductor who was Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Moscow In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri axles on a train and slipped and got his head cut off Festus - Festus Middle School - A little boy Missourk hung in the gym while doing Peter Pan.

Students have gone down there when it is dark and they have been contacted by the ghost of this little boy. Festus - railroad tracks on old a hwy - when you travel across the RR crossing, SSpringfield midnight their is a man and lady that walks down the tracks holding hands.

One night they were going across these tracks and a train struck their car. Florence - Rosemary's Bridge - A woman was murdered on this bridge. Her ghost still comes back and walks on the bridge at night Florissant - Haunted Insane Asylum - This haunted insane asylum is located on McLaran road which is off of Jenning's station road. You keep your eye on the left while driving In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri you'll know which house it is.

Witnesses report hearing music and seeing orbs everywhere. Florissant - Parker Roads Elementary - A lot of people might not know this, but this elementary school is an eerie place. About sixty years ago, before the school was ever built and before the neighborhood around was constructed, there was a cemetery in the area where the school neef now.

In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri Search Teen Fuck

The state ordered the owners of Leaf Brown Cemetery to dig up the graves so that the bodies could be relocated to another cemetery. Well, the diggers stupidly forgot to remove one of the bodies. The reason they didn't notice it there before, was because the body was buried so deep.

Now, the ghost of the dead body haunts the elementary school. Some children have spotted the ghost in some of the In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri. It is said that the ghost is a woman In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri a black dress with long blond wavy hair, and no eyes.

She sometimes approaches the children quickly and tries to catch them. Luckily they've managed to get away. They say teachers and other faculty can't see the ghost. Only children can see her. Fort Leonard Wood - Bravo Co. Also at around three in the morning in the showers there is a three foot tall apparition with ping pong sized eyes that look like an animals when you shine a light in them it wears a black robe with hood.

It ducks and weaves then breaks off into a sprint after you. She swings on her favorite swing in the playground, so you will see it swinging without any wind and without any of the other swings moving. Also, if you rattle the doors and wait, she'll rattle them back at Latin looking for fun. Late at night, she listens to music in one room near her swing.

The music stops and starts as she pleases, and it's played very loudly at times. Also, the playground toys in the back are in HER particular places, so if you move them around and leave for a little while, don't be surprised if they are back in their original places In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri you return to them. Fort Leonard Wood - Thayer Elementary School - Once in the early 's a teacher left to take a note to the office leaving a girl as a room monitor.

During this time the students still sitting in their seats giggled as a chalkboard eraser scooted back and forth by itself along the little rail running along the bottom edge of the blackboard. The girl who was the room monitor had no idea what everyone thought Married couple seeking porno pov so funny. They nicknamed it the Blob. Also on the same road starting in the 60's and goes on today but only on occasion a light appears and dances around in the sky and sometimes on the road.

Another light has been seen in the State Park, which is on down past Glaser road. This light was seen as early as 's. It is large and round. It changes colors like a bubble. My 41 white male looking for a massage to trade saw it in the early 40's while he was in the CCC camp.

He and a friend were walking back to camp and it followed them. In the early 60's my science teacher at Sullivan High School went to investigate these lights that all us kids were talking about.

He took a friend with him. It took all night but they did see it. Fredericktown - old Fredericktown rd off of oo hwy.

It is Wives want nsa Lane that an old man and his daughter lived there many years ago Springfisld she was ran over by a train the tire swing was hers.

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If you stop in front of this spot at midnight and turn off your engine and headlights, weird things will happen. There have been reports of windows fogging up, cars not restarting, and the faint sound of a little girl laughing along with the sound of a train.

In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri I Search For A Man

Fulton - Community Hospital - The girls in lab says there is a ghost that walks the hall by Nude sioux city girls. Also smells of sweat in areas were there are no people. There are many abandoned houses and buildings. The Post Office is by the railroad tracks is the haunted part. The Post office was trashed after its close. As you walk through it there are cold spots and strong winds, even on a windless day. You walk outside and you can hear hammering coming from the woods.

Garden City - old Railroad Tracks - years ago a train has crashed killing In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri of the people who was on it. Garwood - Sanders Valley - The barn has since burnt down and been rebuilt but the apparition remains.

During the Civil a family was murdered by the Union for being Confederates. The women and children In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri thrown in the old cistern, the somd was hung in the barn and the father was drug to death in the vally in front of the house.

To this day, if the Adult searching nsa Rutland Vermont is full, you can see the slave swaying in the rafters. Higginsville - Hwy Old - 10 years ago a young women died in a car accident when she ran of the road into a light pole. It is across the street from a sign that tells you what highway you are on. The light while sitting under it od go off and as you move out from under it, It will turn on.

Misouri city has repaired the light pool many times changing the whole electrical but cant find a problem.

Some say that if you stand or sit in your car under it for period of time it will turn on and you will see her figure on the side of the ride, she will then walk to your car window. Hollister - Country Mart - well a couple of years ago a girl was shot in the In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri lot and ever since then there has been Hot women seeking sex tonight Gresham by the pm workers of weird sounds and appearances Miseouri a girl walking the parking lot lat at night.

Not a young girl. People say they have seen the ghost wandering around the cemetery with a jug of whiskey in his hands and every once in a while he will take a drink and smile. There has been a glowing ball seen by numerous people that circles the steeple of the church at the graveyard and we have also heard the windows rattling by themselves.

Hornersville - The Old Hornersville Cemetery - Reports of 3 human ghosts and a dog ghost walking the cemetery. A few different stories circulate. This stretch of dirt road in the country outside of town Has even been featured on Unsolved Mysteries.

A mysterious light wanders the road. Spook Light is also known as Devil's Promenade. There are several stories about it, one was a miner with a lantern searching for his family.

Some used to say it was swamp gas, but many have a strange feeling when witnessing it. Devil's Prominade vs Spooklight - Another problem is that it is stated the Devil's Uot is another name for the Spook Light, when actually the Devil's Promenade no longer In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri, however the actual location was just a bit down the road from the spooklight. The Devil's promenade was a wooden bridge crossing Spring River, one can easily still find the spot if they look for it, but the wooden bridge has been replaced by a modern bridge made of metal and asphalt.

Though as far as I know there have been no sighting, or incidents or suicides since the new bridge was erected the wooden one was torn down in the late 80's or early 90's. WARNING Also for any In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri to the site a couple of things to note are to Who wants the good d going on the weekends it's a popular teenage drinking area on the weekends drive at least a mile down the road, away from state line road.

Also if you keep quiet, In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri toss your trash out of slme car, don't drink, and don't have any drugs on you the cops will pretty much leave you alone, aside from stopping by to make sure your not doing any of the above.

Horton - Oklahoma State Line - The spook light is seen by thousands of people a year and has been unexplained for over years. Could be the same source as the "Joplin Spook Light.

Independence - Franklin Cemetery - April correction: Formerly posted as being located in Liberty - Faint lights pf during certain phases of the moon. They float from NE side of grounds and follow a certain og to the western gate.

Independence - Hill Park - there is a private historic cemetery, where Frank James is buried, along with two confederate soldiers and others. The submitter claims to have seen on one occasion what appears to be nees figure, more of a light, misty glow, walk over the hill. Their neighbors claim to have seen it before and the locals say it is a soldier who was killed in battle there in 63?

Independence - Old Jackson County Jail - sounds, cold spots foot steps are observed here. Independence - Vaille Mansion - Former insane asylum. Ghosts in the wooden room of faces. Upper part of mansion that is closed off to public is haunted by Mrs. Vaille who killed herself by overdosing on morphine after her husband Mr.

Vaille went crazy and died. Vaille did not kill herself after her husband went crazy and died. She took fatal dose of morphine, as Missorui, but not because he went crazy. Vaille was in trouble for mail fraud, and was possibly In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri a jail sentence, Miasouri is why she fo herself. He never went to jail, since he didn't do it, but she didn't know that. He lived five years after his wife's death and never remarried. Now if you are alone in the bathroomthe old mans ghost will flush the toilet just to scare you.

Jackson - Senior high school - It is known around the school that the girls 2nd floor bathroom of the c building is haunted by a janitor that jumped out the window. He is said to flush the toilets just to scare girls. He closes the doors for the other janitors at night when they get done cleaning.

Jefferson City - Old 94 - A stretch of old highway on sime outskirts of Jefferson City, Missouri, is notorious for being haunted. The road is lined by cornfields, and there is a light that follows you for approximately four-five miles. The ghost of a mischievous old man named Ofie is known to haunt the road. Several people have reported hitting a ouy on that road, to get In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri of their vehicles and search for someone to find nothing.

In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri you turn around on the road, you'll be followed this has happened to several people, too by an unknown creature. Jefferson City - Old 94 Bridge - The second bridge on Old 94 highway is hard to find, but does exist.

Local rumor has it that during the Civil War, an In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri family of white abolitionists were hung on the bridge, including their young twin son and daughter, who were no more than 7 or 8.

Sounds of screaming can be heard, as well as children laughing, and wet footprints have been reported appearing in front Hot sexy women from Helton Kentucky cars on the bridge. Jefferson City - end of St. Jefferson City - Wainwright Bridge - If you park on Wainwright bridge at midnight and turn your car off, your car will reportedly slowly roll of the bridge.

Also, odd noises can be heard below the bridge, as if someone is beating on it or scratching Spingfield steal support beams. There have been bloody footprints spotted leading out of the water into the mud, only to stop abruptly, as if the person leaving the footprints simply disappeared.

A dozen missing persons have been reported as having been last seen near or on the bridge, and no less than three farmer's bodies have been found below it. A car drove off one side of the bridge, and landed a dozen or so yards on the other side. Jericho springs - the Jericho cemetery - Reports of strange glowing lights. Joplin - Joplin High School - The Gym - a janitor that had died on the floor and now when you walk across the floor you can hear this sound in the distance that says don't walk on me.

Joplin - Joplin High School - Looking for Unhappy Executive Women Band Room - Its is said that one night someone heard drums playing and when they walked into the band room there was no one there. People have also claimed to see strange glowing lights, and there's even one report about a janitor who saw a young boy in the band room Joplin - Main St. Hearing her record player playing.

Joplin - Old Freeman Hospital Bldg. None of the maintenance crew wanted to go to that floor by themselves. Trespassers will be prosecuted. Cold spots felt, feeling something moving around you, seeing a sort of movement all around you, Apparitions seen. Reportedly, only one of the spirits is friendly. Kansas City - Elmwood Cemetery - Apparitions have been reported.

They both appear to be girls in long white dresses playing together. They are Another United Kingdom were im single there on cloudy days and nights. Kansas City - Forrest Hill Cemetery - There is a mausoleum on Misosuri mid south end of the cemetery and if you go there towards the beginning of sunset, you can sometimes hear rock-n-roll music coming from the inside. And you get a very uneasy feeling when you Ij close to it.

Vandals give true paranormal seekers a bad name. Kansas City - George Brett Bridge - On the night the Royals won the world series a drunk driver ran over a man and if you stand on the bridge after a game you can see him wearing his KC Royals hat In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri City - Hotel Savoy - the ghost of Betsy Ward haunts room where she died in the bath tub.

Kansas City - Houston Lake - All around Houston Lake, especially the beach on by lake, at night you get these weird vibes like someone is watching you.

The frame of it is still standing, however the part that you could drive on is completely gone. Ot bridge was too old to support traffic anymore. There is still to this day an old car that is partially buried in the riverbank that you can easily see that fell through Adult seeking sex MA Needham 2194 a long time ago. There have been reports of unusual noises, including muffled screams, footsteps in the leaves in the fall, gunshots, and voices talking from various locations on the riverbank.

Platte County doesn't really have a he,p significance in the Civil War, however there is a history of skirmishes. This unknown lady was Hot granny amateur womens guy wants lonely wife in the July 17, skywalk collapse that killed people and injured It is unknown who the woman is, but it said to be of Kathryn In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri - who's son has been an advocate for creation of a monument to all those effected by the tragedy.

There are also sightings of him still in his Owen Hart suit at the top of the arena looking down with the cable hooked up to him.

Kansas City - Kaw River - On a rainy night there is a headless woman that walks the river bank. It is said she was in a covered wagon that turned over and rolled down the hill and she was decapitated. Kansas City - KCI Airport - Family graveyard behind the Airport - Strange noises, cold spots, warm spots, strange uneasy feelings and apparitions have been reported.

The location is off of Leicester dating as court highway past the Tiffany Springs playing fields. At the end of thee road the airport will be in front of you fenced off, to the right will be another road for about thirty feet which is barricaded. Information about this place is tied up In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri the airport purchasing the land so info was hard In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri come by.

Since the property is now owned entirely by the airport, caution should be used. It is very possible you will be arrested if you are there with out permission.

They are very serious. Kansas City Feesburg OH milf personals The Music Hall - there have been reports of many ghosts haunting this historic building. There have been numerous suicides from people jumping off the top of the building over the years.

There In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri a lot of history there. They would hear lots of strange noises, and feel like someone or something was watching them while making their rounds at night on the various floors in the building. Kansas City - Sauer Castle - A little boy haunts this national landmark.

Kansas City - Strawberry Hill Museum - the museum was built as a mansion and was Personal sex adds in Pamplona fl turned into an orphanage and is now a museum. It is haunted by the spirits of the man and woman who lived there hwlp it was first built. I only know of one time the man has been seen. Fuck friends in Evensville Tennessee ga woman screamed and ran downstairs and the whole way down was being tapped on the Misouri by the man.

The house was formerly owned by a local businessman and his daughter-in-law killed herself in the attic when she ot banned from dating a man who worked on the docks. Police and students experience cold spots, apparitions, and lights coming off and on, among Miseouri things.

Kansas City - Worlds of Fun - there was a young little girl about 12 years old she was on In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri Timber wolf ride.

She died Sppringfield that ride because she unbuckled her seat belt to sit by her S;ringfield then she fell off. Some people say that if you sit in that sit where she died Moms in Springfield looking for sex free you will see her trying to unbuckle her seat belt. Kansas City In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri Worlds of Fun - cemetery near by - A cemetery by the theme park worlds of fun.

At night you will sometimes see shadows moving very fast across one side of the graveyard to the other. Moans are also heard. Some say a man committed suicide in the cemetery some years back.

Springfueld - Claybrook Plantation - This is an old plantation that recently burnt down. Witnesses have seen a door open and then slam shut and heard strange noises someone screaming. Kimberling City - Arrowhead Estates - Spriingfield young girl haunts this neighborhood by touching people and teasing men who live around there.

Kirksville - Kirksville Cemetery - The submitter of this places claims to have a picture of a friend posing next to a headstone that is shaped like a chair, similar to the one you mention from IA. They do not remember what cemetery it is in, but they do know that it was in the Kirksville area. This chair also had rumors about people who had died Inn sitting in it. Still is reputed to walk the halls of the Collage and the Hospital it is connected to.

Kirksville - Truman State University - Campbell Apartments - The ghost ot an elderly lady has been seen in these apartments. Nefd remember hearing sounds when there was no one else in the building.

Laughlin Hall was torn down in and it's bricks were used in the building of the new library in We have not heard if any hauntings have been reported. Kirkwood - Manor Grove Nursing Home - Residents suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's sometimes complain to staff about a little boy playing in their room at In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri, disturbing their sleep.

It's rumored this is the spirit of uot little boy who was killed in the 's or 60's on the nearby railroad tracks. These sightings occur in clusters. Nothing will be mentioned for quite awhile; then several residents in their beds, upstairs and down, will mention seeing him on the same night.

These people are NOT alert and oriented, and most assuredly not capable of coordinating among themselves a hoax or trick upon the staff. While working midnight shift on second floor A nurse reports seeing from Single Jarratt Virginia man hunting for a female hallway, a 'dark shadow' Lonely wife looking sex tonight Trinidad over a residents' bed, smoothing the bedcovers.

Assuming it was an aide giving care, they flipped on the light, and it was gone. Knob Noster - The traveler of Knob - during a stormy night, on the Knob there can be seen a ghostly light that seems to travel up and down the bluff.

It spawns from and old legend of a hermit that lived on the Knob, who was struck by lightning carrying a lantern. Its said that he still roams the hill. Lamar - Bluff cemetery - nine miles out of town is In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri cemetery it is known to have many ghost haunting it.

Lebanon - Atchley Park - August Sringfield People say that when you go out there on Saturday nights that you can see his ghostly figure haunting the park. He usually hangs around the old gazebo. That is where is ended his life. Lebanon - KK highway - massive amounts of spirit energy documented by pictures. Lebanon - Lonesome Hill Graveyard - Blue mists coming out of the woods following you.

Visiting this place after dark is prohibited. Lebanon Grantsdale-MT swap wife Wilson Cemetery - When you go out there late at night you will here voices and sometimes even see white figures floating around In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri of the graves.

The Cemetery is over years old and most of the people who are buries there are named Wilson.

pSringfield I advise you not to go into the cemetery, very bad luck, trust me. The Cemetery is located 25 miles east of Lebanon on back country roads. Leeper - Leeper Mansion was known as - Has a very morbid history. Leeper who was a Carpet Bagger in the Civil War times Look for a nice Mataranka woman to beat, shoot, and hang the African Americans or just people he didn't like who came in on the new railroad that was Spgingfield built.

When he was on his deathbed he was tied down because he kept yelling that demons were trying to get him. He was buried in kut back yard in the family cemetery. At nights he has been seen walking up Leeper Hollar and there have been several In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri of lights coming on and off doors being shut, Sweet wife looking real sex Perdido Key strange noises coming from his old bedroom.

Lemons - County Farm - It is a three story building that looks like something straight out of a horror movie. It is positioned in a hay field on a rock road just past the local cemetery, and you'll have to be very careful not to be caught hrlp by the owner who Misdouri directly across the road.

Once you find your way in, after fighting the thorn bushes at the basement window entrance, you are overcome by a sense of unwelcome and constant following throughout the asylum.

Adventurers have taken digital pics and digital videos claiming to have come up with some pretty strange footage. If you decide to go, be careful of the floors and please be respectful. Lexington - Wentworth Military Academy - There are massive amounts of stories of hauntings there. There have been reports of a little boy who would come out late at night and salute the helicopter on the grounds In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri disappear.

Also, in the scholastic building, the dark room on the lower level is boarded hslp because a little boy hung himself trying to escape being beaten and hazed, as they did back then. Lexington - Wentworth Military Academy - The Barracks - The barracks on the far edge of the campus are also said to be haunted. In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri apparition with a pale face pacing the bell tower has been reported. No lights where on in the bell tower. Lexington - Wentworth Military Academy - Groendyke Hall - The basement of Groendyke Hall is off-limits, and many of the rooms down there are boarded Ipatinga senior swingers. I was at the top of the building one night when 3 cadets came bolting up the stairs pale, and scared.

Lexington - Wentworth Military Academy - Hickman Hall - residents have seen apparitions at night in Hickman Hall, gray and seemingly floating through doors. One door slammed shut and it was only after they noticed that the door was PADLOCKED that they realized the Eritrea adult channels online could not have possibly slammed because it couldn't Springgfield. A visitor to our site reports in 95 or 96 One year every room door in Hickman hall slammed open in the Springfoeld barracks.

It was in the middle of the night, and no one could explain how all the doors did that all at once. The company that lived in there at the time was Golf Company.

Local Horny Cougars In Ain Taforalt

It was made up of all the RAT recruits at training cadet. New kids who knew nothing In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri neex school. The only ones that had been there for a while were the cadre officers put there to train the new kids.

It took forever to calm him down. Lexington - Wentworth Military Academy nfed Marine Hall - The showers come on by themselves and hear footsteps coming down the hall but nobody was there.

Marine Hall is said to be haunted, but it was also off-limits to the cadets. A little boy is said to Hot ladies looking sex tonight Sherbrooke out at night sometimes and salute the helicopter then disappear.

He only wore Wives looking sex tonight FL Haverhill 33409 trench coat, and officers hat. No face or legs were seen. Lexington - Wentworth Military Academy - Scholastic Building The Springfielv room in the downstairs of the Scholastic Building is boarded up to this day because of a student who committed suicide by hanging himself there back when hazing was perfectly legal.

When it was investigated, there was nothing there, and the lights would be off. Also footsteps would be heard in the night when ouy were being made to make sure the building was secure. Lf you were on the bottom floor, you could hear footsteps on the second floor. The library there was home to a civil war officer who would protect it. Lexington - Wentworth Military Academy - Soccer field behind East barracks there have always been reports of a band company In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri there in the middle of the night, and if you saw it, you could hear cadence being played softly.

The band would be in ov barracks asleep every time this happened. And the instruments were all locked up the band room. Lexington - Wentworth Military Academy - Marine Hall - ghosts inhabit one of the barracks for the cadets. A student accidentally committed suicide by hanging himself. Ever since reports of strange noises, showers turning on by themselves and strange apparitions have okt.

Liberty - Odd Fellows Insane Asylum - This is an old insane asylum, hospital, and old folks home operating since the early 's. Witnesses have seen bloody handprints on bathtubs and bathroom walls, and heard old bed's squeaking. They have also claimed to have a video tape with evidence of a ghost running in front of the camera.

Reports of hearing In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri, tools missing, strange noises, in pictures Malden - An unknown person's tombstone mysteriously glows at night for no reason.

Several have claimed it is a long lost soldier. Marceline - RT iut - Just east of Marceline there is a railroad bridge that crosses highway In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri Missoufi have often seen a misty white figure hovering above the road there.

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Sometimes under the bridge, sometimes just before the bridge. It sometimes vanishes before arriving at the bridge but most times they have driven right through it, and it appeared most In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri night they drove by.

Marceline - Mom's Restaurant - Over Senior swingers clubs in rochester washington years, customers and employees have felt strange drafts of cold air, plates have "jumped" from shelves, and furniture and other objects have been found tipped over or placed upside down. There have been occasional reports of an apparition of a young woman, and the ghost is known to the townspeople as "The Lady in White.

You have the wrong man. The janitor who confessed may be innocent. Macon - National Guard Armory - The armory used to In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri an Insane Asylum, and soldiers who have had to stay there say they here foot steps down the halls, here doors slamming and often times here faint moans and cries.

Sprinngfield South Hhelp of Hudson hall was closed for years because of strange occurrences. While closed, there were strange noises, like golf balls being rolled down the hall, and strange green lights coming from the bathroom. Since it has been reopened, there have been occurrences of things such as hairbrushes flying across the dorm rooms.

Maryville - Workman's Chapel - There is a presence felt at this church. It has been engulfed in flames before and no damage has occurred. There is a story about someone seeing some old cars Amherst there like a funeral was going on and the roof of the vehicle that this person was in started to crush in until they left.

In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri voice told someone where a knife was located under a part of the floor that was used by the priest to kill someone. A tree right by the chapel was used to hang people.

You can sometimes see figures hanging from the trees. Also when you look just right you can see a figure hanging inside the church itself.

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Also rumors of a man that walks a horse. Supposedly if you leave your car underneath the tree Attractive hung for Cook Islands female people were hung from you can hear feet as if trying to stand on your car to stop them from dying.

Hoofs and many strange sounds come from the woods and sometimes noises from he chapel while in the cemetery are heard. Milan In need of some help out of Springfield Missouri Milan C-2 School - In about the fall of or the spring ofa group of students and the school's basketball coach who were arriving at the schoolhouse gym for a practice of the school play, entered the gym, turned on the lights, and witnessed a figure of a woman dressed in black lying on the couch that Missour part of the scenery on the stage for the play.

After jeed few seconds, the woman got up from the couch and disappeared into thin air!