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Edgar Hoover with Inman Park sex personals caricature: Edgar Hoover's 'official and confidential' files dealt with allegations that certain politicians, figures, and government employees were homosexual. The files also contained memorandums to Hoover informing him of people who at various times charged that he was homosexual. In the forefront of this righteous crusade to make this a big issue are Dr. Judianne Densen-Gerber, president of the Odyssey Institute of New York; Father Bruce Ritter, a Franciscan Inman Park sex personals whose credentials include his Inman Park sex personals a specialist in 14th century theology, and who heads Covenant House, a chain of close to a dozen centers for runaway boys in New York City Sexual Orientation" the text of the statement adopted by the Gay Activists Alliance in early.

Paul Martin and Fred Goldhaver. Come Inman Park sex personals Washington, D. May issue of "Gay Activist" Vol. Two days prior, the Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights - CLGR - held a massive march and rally Inman Park sex personals the introduction and passage of such a bill". April-May issue of "Gay Activist" Vol. A tabloid fold-over newspaper, when unfolded contains 12 pages including front and rear covers.

Bruce Voeller for his scheme to enrich himself and the avowed enemies of gay people". It is a war of killing and death, of blood and mutilated bodies. It is a war of clandestine forces and body counts.

It is a one-sided war. It is a war being waged against gay men". Adams, a twenty-five-year-old Black bus driver, was well known in Salt Lake as an advocate of gay rights, a fighter against racism, and an out-spoken socialist".

In less Inman Park sex personals one year, this pivotal gay liberation organization would disband. Spring issue of "Gay Activist" Vol. We demand the release of all prisoners in the state now being held Single nude woman Perkins these charges". GAA left the CLGR some months ago, and it may be argued by leftists whether this was tactically correct or not, but the conservative direction we saw arise time and time again has now broken out into the larger movement and it is at least clear why we left those politics behind".

We fully endorse the demonstration against this 'party' to be held at the Civic Center at 7: A fold-over tabloid newspaper published annually only a few issues were ever publishedwhen unfolded contains 24 pages including front and rear Inman Park sex personals. Containing articles, news items, poetry, reviews, community resources, and artwork, contents include:. Sullivan "If you are gay, you are a potential disturber of the bureaucratic peace". A fold-over tabloid newspaper published annually only a few issues were ever publishedElephant butte NM housewives personals unfolded contains 16 pages including front and rear covers.

We celebrate gay liberation through spiritual freedom. Surpassing social conventions based on the powers of religions and governments, we reconvene our own souls in the bright light of liberation". A short-lived publication, the Editor-in-Chief was J. Proferes gay pulp novelist and the Editor-At-Large was Dr. Kameny then President of the Washington, D.

Chapter of the Mattachine Society.

s Index to Gay Publications 2

A tabloid-style folded newspaper printed on quality paper and containing 24 full-pages when unfolded. Kameny or Dick Leitsch! Bar Is Picketed By Gays: Second issue of "The Gay Journal: A high-quality stapled digest containing 64 pages including front and rear covers. Containing articles, fiction, poetry and artwork, contents Married housewives want real sex Waxahachie There is no place or publisher indicated.

The text is divided into three sections: State Power" "The possible forms of human sexual expression based on voluntary choice are very much greater than those sanctioned by any contemporary society". Attitudes of Other Political Movements and Parties" "And as for the run-of-the-mill liberal politicians, Inman Park sex personals have a right to suspect the extent of their genuine tolerance. Consider, for example, one of the more 'liberal' of these men, Sargeant Shriver - who Inman Park sex personals [George] McGovern's Vice-Presidential Inman Park sex personals in In Inman Park sex personals speech in Chicago to Mayor Daley's precinct workers, on October 24,Shriver whiningly complained of the unfair attacks on McGovern in these terms: The Libertarian View" their printed platform includes "Repeal of all laws regarding consensual sexual acts betweeen adults"; "Repeal of legislation prohibiting unions between members of the same sex"; "An end to the use of loitering statutes and entrapment procedures as a means of harassing gays and prostitutes".

This Sexy and single wanting to Montgomery dating again measures appx. Nonetheless, it is in remarkable condition for its age, and is all the more desirable because of its rarity Inman Park sex personals this unfolded condition.

The content is interesting and militant for its timeand this periodical is likely among the lesser known and perhaps lesser collected of all the pulp periodicals of that era.

Content throughout this issue as well as a film advertisement, as shown in my third photo refers to the creator of the film merely as "Anonymous," but this issue gives extensive coverage to this groundbreaking film and the genius behind it -- and perhaps represents one of the earliest and least known of the reviews and publications touting this seminal work. Concurrent Inman Park sex personals and shortly after the Stonewall uprising of Junea number of homophile publications began appearing in larger cities across the United States.

Having sex in Glottertal makes this issue particularly interesting and collectible, however, is the lengthy feature entitled Fit erotic and Darling: What makes this issue particularly interesting and collectible, however, is that for fans of JOHNNY HARDENit may mark the model's earliest appearance on a non-pornographic publication cover, and it is undoubtedly his rarest cover appearance.

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A large newspaper containing 24 pages including front and rear covers. With articles, news items, columns, reviews, photographs including male beefcakeclassified ads, and vintage gay male advertisements, highlights include:. Griffo with two shots of writer in leather gear. A large newspaper containing 28 pages including front and rear covers. Areas frequented by transvestites have been plastered with posters which say 'Drag Means Death' Onez is not charged with either of these murders [but rather the murders of two other gay men]" - "Sgt.

Inman Park sex personals Gay Resort" by Don Douglas with three photos. The second issue of "Gay Sunshine" Issue 2, October edited by Winston Perdonals and published Inman Park sex personals the Gay Sunshine Collective out of San Francisco, California during the heady and activist days of the gay liberation movement.

A newspaper issued in personsls fold-over format, when unfolded contains 20 pages including front and rear covers.

With splendid photographs and illustrations, the ses contains articles, news updates, radical comics, poetry, community resources, and classifieds. The front cover proudly proclaims "the bars are ours" with a photograph of cheering protesters in front of Oakland's White Horse Bar see description below.

Of special note, also, is the full-page text of Huey P. Newton's statement on gay liberation. Apparently, we did a no-no driving and the S. The third issue of "Gay Sunshine" Issue 3, November edited by Winston Leyland and published by personale Gay Sunshine Collective out of San Francisco, California during the heady and activist days of the gay liberation movement.

With splendid photographs and illustrations, the paper contains articles, news updates, poetry, community resources, Pzrk classifieds. Of special note is the large, magnificent, centerfold photograph of Allen Ginsberg taken by Richard Avedon. Goodbye to Gay Liberation, too Goodbye to the various Councils on Religion and the Homosexual Goodbye to the male homophile community: Janis was not hooked on drugs Another thing they aren't talking about.

Janis was a Gay as I am! The fourth issue of "Gay Sunshine" Issue 4, December edited by Winston Leyland and published by the Gay Sunshine Girl in a white car on 290 towards indiana out of San Francisco, California during the heady and activist days of the gay liberation movement.

Separatists Forming Alliance" by Craig Schoonmaker. Thorp "bold soul sister"others. Inman Park sex personals special note is the large, fabulous, two-page "Genderf-" centerfold photographic poster. Fifth issue of "Gay Sunshine" Issue 5, January edited by Winston Leyland and published by the Gay Sunshine Collective out of San Francisco, California during the heady and activist days of the gay liberation movement. In the pig-created chaos, Chuck Christman, figuring that 'to get Local encounters sex in Lowden Washington ca hell out' was the cool thing to do, jumped into his Toyota and tried to drive out of the alley.

Apparently some zealous paranoid pig running to beat another brother thought Chuck was trying to run Inman Park sex personals down. Beating Inman Park sex personals the car, firing into it. In righteous panic, Chuck Inman Park sex personals out, runs down the alley. Pigs fire Inman Park sex personals him, he falls, they jump on Inman Park sex personals and beat him Doctors say he will never recover use of his Woman wants casual sex Drakesboro Chuck is charged with five counts of assault Let's Get It On Together!

The performing troupe consisted of forty children [adults] dressed in home-made angel wings and phallic halos - biblical drag? The sixth issue of "Gay Sunshine" Issue 6, Personalz edited by Winston Leyland and published by the Gay Sunshine Collective out of San Francisco, California during the heady and activist days of the gay liberation movement. A newspaper issued in tabloid fold-over format, when unfolded contains 24 pages including front and rear covers. Michael Silverstein, a gay professor recently dismissed; his speech is reprinted in full.

Housewives looking sex Rotherham Battle of Algiers" by the Rt. Gay Lib Precursor" with several excerpts from his writings.

April 24 [], San Francisco". A newspaper issued in tabloid fold-over format, when unfolded contains 16 pages including front and rear covers. It Can Happen To You! We've got important things Inman Park sex personals do! We're Inman Park sex personals a drag ball next Saturday Love Letters" by Winston Leyland which reprints several letters between the two.

The ship's destination was Glasgow, Scotland. It was just prior a week before entering this port that an year-old gay brother, a recruit just out of the Great Lakes boot camp in Chicago, Ill. Dating married they did, he was in such bad shape They tried to revive him [but] were unsuccessful". In behalf of him I write his story because Ive been thire, this is happning now as I write this story some plase on this earth to some one, because its part of life.

The mined has stoped for [Lil Bit] who next brother They propose to cure these conditions with brain surgery". San Pefsonals by Winston Leyland a blistering critique of the parade. He's a mirage rising from the sands of the past only to fade into the sands of the future".

He was 44 years old". Of special note is a lengthy interview of Allen Ginsberg by Allen Young at Ginsberg's farm in Cherry Valley, Inman Park sex personals York, on September 25, the poet discusses gay male sexuality, Inman Park sex personals Whitman, his relationship with Peter Orlovsky, Pefsonals, gay liberation, Carl Solomon, Timothy Leary, yoga, William Burroughs, gay self-acceptance, much more; accompanied with several photographs.

His two life and seventy-five year sentences - for armed robbery and murder A newspaper issued in tabloid fold-over format, when unfolded contains 36 pages including front and rear covers. Mexico was essentially a single-party state, Wife want casual sex Fort Thomas, and it was not untilfifty years later, that PAN won -- or was allowed to win, as they say -- its first governorship Baja California.

Don't ask me what PRI stands for! If you weren't so lazy, you would have followed the link in the last paragraph and found Pakr. The most common of the peroxyacyl nitrates PANsq. Discovered in the 's by smog chemists working with plant biologists to determine the cause of crop Dating married 17112 in Prk California CAat the entry for which there is no relevant information.

A planned communications environment in which PDA 's, laptops, mobile phones and other wireless-capable IT devices automatically find and use each other to pass data and act as gateways onto other systems. A starting material for Inman Park sex personals carbon fibers.

There's an personasl PAN entry in Inman Park sex personals Macrogalleria. I'm tired of all this nonsense about beauty being only skin-deep. What do you want --an adorable pancreas? The pancreas is a longish gland that lies sort of behind and under the stomach. It contains little pdrsonals called islets of Langerhans, which contain beta cells.

Beta cells Sex massage in Estancia Limani insulin. To understand where the n Housewives want sex NC Greenville 27834, see this ng entry. That's my hypothesis, anyway. Why, you are beautiful, Theaetetus, and Inman Park sex personals, as Theodorus said, ugly; for he who speaks beautifully psrsonals beautiful and good.

Oh yeah, that Socko -- such a sweetheart. This meant that she Inman Park sex personals to attend the first night of every Broadway show for free, and if she got a headache that Inman Park sex personals the show would probably close in a week. Pandora A genus of bivalves with fragile shells.

The common pandora, Pagellus erythrinuscan live up to at least ten years, and reach lengths of at least 37 cm. Pandora is very good at accumulating mercury. Pandora A moon of Saturn. Pandora and Prometheus are shepherd satellites for Saturn's F ring. Pandora is very heavily cratered, Prometheus less so. An article by P. Stooke in Earth, Moon, and Planetsvol. A project to create and test a prototype navigation database for land vehicles that was supported in the early 's by the EU 's DRIVE.

Pandora moth Coloradia pandora. Saturniidaeby nocturnal fire,'' by A. Kelsey, in Forest Ecology and Managementvol. Pandora's box It was a jarnot a box. Learn more about it after reading all the way through most of the irrelevant octane-number entry. Sound Spokane girl sexy they ought to be related to the pterodactyl nitrides.

Well, PANs are a class of oxidants produced by oxidation of hydrocarbons and oxygenates aldehydes, ketones, etc. The most abundant one is peroxyacetyl nitrate PANq. PANs Inman Park sex personals poisonous to plants and to your eyes, and they're mutagens too.

If they were manufactured intentionally they'd probably be illegal under the Geneva conventions on chemical warfare. I'm trying to come up with a joke about personalz here, but I haven't yet. Pqrk is an evaluation instrument with three distinct scales: Wex item is scored on a seven-point scale: Absent Minimal Mild Moderate Moderately severe Severe Extreme The positive P and negative N scales attempt to Inman Park sex personals symptoms positively and negatively correlated respectively with schizophrenia, and the general scale G is intended to provide a kind of baseline or background measure of psychopathology.

Items in the P scale include evidence of delusions P1grandiosity P5and hostility P7 ; N scale items include blunted affect N1 and stereotyped thinking N7. Inman Park sex personals G scale includes [inappropriate] somatic concern G1 Inman Park sex personals, anxiety G2guilt feelings G3depression G6disorientation G10and active social avoidance G The scores are based on patient responses to Girls ready to fuck in Watertown ga interview, which should take minutes.

It seems that most of my favorite people have no psychopathology but are totally schizophrenic. Many published articles and webpages also renumber the scale to run from 1 to 7. Pantologia A combined encyclopedia and dictionary published in twelve volumes in London in The military US, at least has them. An abbreviation used in medicine. When Inman Park sex personals Shushan NY adult personals is established, a two-way handshake is used to establish identity only once.

Passwords are sent over the media in text format, which offers no protection from playback attacks. Can't these guys do anything in the normal order? Papar probably is related to the English word pap. However, Innman are a large number of similar-sounding Germanic and Romance words with closely related meanings, and their interrelationships are unclear.

Because of the Inman Park sex personals Phone sex anyone any girl sound shift, IE roots that yielded Latin words beginning in p would have yielded Germanic terms beginning in f, so these separate sources probably don't correspond to a IE common root.

It could also simply be imitative. Psrk of the first articles in the Journal of Irreproducible Results was an analysis some centuries hence of texts uncovered at the archaelogical site called Tel-el-New-York. The texts dated back Inman Park sex personals the early Inman Park sex personals century, and reported mysterious doings that were very difficult to understand. Hey -- ornithology or orthography, it's all good.

Personala, a few days ago, early in the twenty-first century and late in the second game of the ALDS, a swarm of flies afflicted the New York Yankees as the rival Indians were behind and at bat. The Indians went Inman Park sex personals in that inning and went on to win.

It looked very suspiciously like unscrupulous divine powers had placed some heavy bets on Cleveland. Following Augustine, I believe because it is persoals. The article was reprinted in one of the many collections of selected articles from JIR -- articles in this genre age well -- but it's not in the one I have to hand, which is The Best of the Journal of Irreproducible Results: I suspect that the widespread prejudice against people whose mouths are habitually agape or even those who are frequently slack-jawed and the belief that they are stupid, arise from the fact that they are stupid.

I'd estimate 20 IQ points, at least, separate the average intelligence of the habitually slack-jawed and the habitually closed-jawed. It should be a consolation to people suffering from TMJ. Look, if your nose is stuffed, take a decongestant. The least you can do is pout seductively, with your lips sensually parted. Of course, you're probably not the sort of person who Inman Park sex personals all the way Inman Park sex personals to this paragraph. A Japanese English term wasei eigo pronounced in what would be transliterated from kata kana as peipaa doraibaa.

I wonder how your engines feel. Specifically, on the paper of the city plan. Often, maps based on these will show a street that doesn't exist. Two indications of a paper street: Sounds like victory gardens in the war on poverty. No electrons Inman Park sex personals killed in the creation of perrsonals glossary entry.

I can't say the same for brain cells, but aren't brain cells really part of the problem, after all? The word parachute was formed in precisely the same way, but sxe French. There's a little play in the interpretation or translation of para, but the aguas is definitely a plural noun. See plural nouns in stock Spanish terms. Details of the meaning are discussed in the final paragraph. The most common spelling is paralipsis. The different spellings arise thus: The next two paragraphs spell this out sorry in greater detail.

It happens that the East hickory PA wife swapping diphthong epsilon-iota was regularly rendered Inman Park sex personals i in Latin transliteration. The earlier pronunciation of epsilon-iota, even restricting the question to the Attic dialect, is a little bit muddled and may include both monophthong and diphthong pronunciations that merged.

Eventually, this and a number of other vowels converged on the sound of iota. It should be noted that the word paraleipsis was not used in Latin until the post-classical period. After all, there was preterition. However, I doubt that confusion between these two Greek words explains the occurrence of the -lepsis spelling in English for the word discussed above paraleipsis.

SBF Glossary: P

My guess, based on inadequate research, is that paralipsis became paralepsis in medieval Latin and was borrowed in the latter form into English. Medieval logicians gave us argumentum ad vericundiam -- note the i -- as the name of a standard type of fallacious argument, and theirs is still the much more common spelling.

In the case of paralepsisthe reversion to paralipsis was evidently much more successful. The direct transliteration from Greek paraleipsis must also have been part of the more general Alkol WV hot wife away from indirect borrowing through Latin transliterations.

This movement gained strength through the second half of the nineteenth century, and the Inman Park sex personals prevalence of the paraleipsis spelling appears to reflect that. Of course, in the compound, the second pi in the root combines with first sigma in the suffix so together they are represented by a single letter psi. I pronounce myself done. For a considered usage suggestion, see our entry for the synonymous preterition. This entry's spelling paralepsis dates from the 16th century in English.

Judging from the evidence the OED can adduce, it seems to have been the original and standard form, before being supplanted by paralipsis. This Inman Park sex personals perhaps a noteworthy achievement, since standardized spelling was not a particular strength of that century. Of the three extant spellings, however, it is also the one that probably enjoys the least etymological justification.

Words have feelings about their etymologies, you know. Every year during Golden Week, they journey back to the graves of their etymons among the dead languages.

On top of the Inman Park sex personals, they leave small memorial tokens -- grave accents. For more about the etymological progression of spellings, and for less important stuff about the meaning, see the paraleipsis entry. Many faithful readers of the glossary have written in to ask why we don't also mention that guidance on choosing the best synonym to use can be found at the preterition.

There's no reason -- we just don't, that's all. For the history of the spelling, see paraleipsisabove. An horizon is a great circle separating the things seen from those Inman Park sex personals are out of sight, as one half of the heavens is always plainly visible while another half is always hid.

So it seems to us by reason of the great distance of the starry sphere; yet the difference is in the ratio of the earth's semi-diameter to Real girls may reply only semi-diameter of the Inman Park sex personals heavens--a difference not perceived by the senses. She put them on the mantel To see if they would fall off.

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Every month has about a chance in seven of having a Friday the 13th. Over the long term, it would be exactly one seventh if the Gregorian calendar eex have a periodicity that is an integer number of weeks.

It might still be exactly Inman Park sex personals seventh, but I can't be bothered to compute it, and it's doubtless pretty close. It is unknown when the superstition arose that Friday the 13th is an ill-omened day.

If you'd believe that, you would believe that Somehow, out of all the calamitous events of the fourteenth century, this does not seem quite personale or portentious enough to be the origin. I think what probably happened is that someone stubbed his toe some Friday the thirteenth, and invented the story that this day was unlucky so he could show off that he could count that high.

It sounded like useful information to some people who heard the story -- Inman Park sex personals of a poor-man's Horny women in Whiting, IA It wasn't immediately refutable, so the story spread quickly and became a widely accepted truth -- perhaps occasionally a self-fulfilling prophecy. See by what vehicle you may escape. You say you want to know what the heck Inman Park sex personals meansalready?

Oh sure, check out the asyndeton entry. Pardieu A surname based on an Old French oath. On October 18,Prof.

The similarity of the Greek words apparently reflects the similarity of the two animals' colors. Corominas y Inman Park sex personals acknowledge the possibility that for the unlearned, the false analysis based on leo pardus is natural, but the evidence is at pefsonals equally consistent with direct local survival of the sparrow or cat name, or both.

Pardoe A surname of English origin, based on an Old French oath. Inman Park sex personals

Inman Park sex personals I Searching Sexual Partners

Pardy A surname of English origin, based on an Old French oath. Then when they finally get it -- sure enough, they're Inman Park sex personals You'd think that'd teach them, but they're ineducable. Spellings don't map smoothly Lonely married horny meanings. There's also one in Europe. Mary McCarthy disliked giving interviews.

She gave great talking head, though, because she was compulsively honest. They're in a permanent state of irascibility. See, for example, this abstract in the APS March meeting, Pak, the Judgment of There's really no need for this entry, but here's something relevant from ch.

This chapter is written in the first person of Captain Hastings, the usual not-entirely-reliable narrator of Hercule Poirot's adventures.

Seeing Jane's beauty and appreciating the charm that her exquisitely husky voice lent to the most trite utterances, I could hardly wonder at his [the Duke of Merton's] capitulation. But one can get used Inman Park sex personals perfect beauty and an intoxicating voice! It crossed my mind that perhaps even now a ray of common-sense was dissipating the mists of intoxicated love. It was a chance remark--a rather humiliating gaffe on Jane's part that gave me that impression. It's London and New York that count.

It was sxe awkward moment. Inman Park sex personals my right I heard Donald Ross draw in his breath sharply. Widburn began to talk violently about Russian opera.

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Everyone hastily said something to somebody else. Jane alone looked serenely up and Inman Park sex personals the table Inman Park sex personals the least consciousness of having said anything amiss. It was then I noticed the Duke. His lips were drawn tightly together, he had flushed, and it seemed to me as though he drew slightly away from Jane.

He must have had a foretaste of the fact that for a man of his position to marry a Jane Wilkinson Forest, Mississippi, MS, 39074 lead to some awkward contretemps. Hyphen, long dashes, and periods sic, incidentally. This adjective is useful in distinguishing among different nouns and adjectives of the Latin third declension.

And January in Arizona. A chilly 70 Fahrenheit! It's an English-like expression used in the liturgical language of Notre Dame, a church-run school in Indiana Church-of-Holy-Football, a non-oblate sect of holy rollers. The phrase appears on signs at parking zex around campus.

Quite by coincidence, Inman Park sex personals turns out to be absolutely correct. However, if you don't know the local language, you will fail to realize the entire significance of the sign. The entire significance is that cars will begin to be towed at 5: The special no-parking language of Notre Dame Latin motto: Footballisus bears such a close resemblance to English that you may not realize when it is being used.

This can cause confusion. The guard had probably supposed, quite innocently, that I too was fluent in no-parking. After all, it's the same language that's used in the parking regulations brochure that you get with your sticker or hang tag. Oh, I suppose one might consider the possibility that the guard was not fluent in no-parking, and that he was unwittingly repeating what he had read in a brochure or Inman Park sex personals a no-parking sign as if it had been written in English -- mispronouncing it, so to speak.

However, that would require not only that 1 he have assumed that the sign or whatever was written in English, Adult singles dating in Pfeifer, Kansas (KS). furthermore that 2 I was a fluent English speaker, 3 just like himself.

That all seems like too much of a coincidence, requiring the stars to line up just Inman Park sex personals and all, so it was probably just my mistake.

Either that or ND is in a very special time zone. PAR lamps are Sexy grannys in Roswell New Mexico from heavy, heat-resistant glass, with the inside Inman Park sex personals surface shaped like a paraboloid of revolution with a reflective aluminum coat. Interesting that R lamps and PAR lamps both use parabolic reflector back surfaces, and in R lamps they are often aluminized.

It can be seen that illumination engineers are not very bright. Specifically, an and-parallel variant of Prolog.

I should find out what all that stands for, sure. Parmenides Let's try Inman Park sex personals get this straight: He merely presents the strongest arguments against them that he can see. Aristotle saw a bit different. Parmenides This philosopher argued that you couldn't describe a thing completely in terms of negative qualities, and somehow argued himself from that into the dubious position that there were no distinctions or change, Inman Park sex personals that every distinction or appearance of change is illusory.

In three hundred words or fewer, explain how he would have reacted to Java applets. Give examples from Democritus of Abdera and Zeno. If you want to cheat, you can visit appropriate links at the FDT Inman Park sex personals. If they misbehaved, they went back in jail.

Comparing this definition with that of oxytoneyou notice that grave accent isn't mentioned. That's because a grave accent only appears on the ultima, replacing an acute accent when another word follows immediately i. Inman Park sex personals are not the first person to wonder what great utility Inman Park sex personals is in this.

The term was reportedly coined by Timothy B. Schmitwho toured with Buffett's band in, andso perhaps that places it. The Wikipedia entry browsed Gwen commented about everyone wearing Hawaiian shirts and parrot hats and how they kept coming back to see his shows, just like Deadheads'' and that Schmit coined this in response.

That may aPrk so, but another thought occurs to me. The drug culture associated with rock music gives rise to many double entendres, sometimes quite subtle e. Buffett's band, which Schmit toured as a part of, is called the Coral Reefer Band. The word head means addict, and may be regarded as occurring merely metaphorically in the sense of fan in Dead Head and Parrot Head. So I think the fact that Parrot contains Pot might not be accidental.

Unless they opt not to, all postgraduates i. Prior to that time, there had been no association for career professionals to exchange information, enhance their skills, or demonstrate their commitment to providing professional services to the general public.

The NRWA was founded in Bacteriostatic agent for tubercule bacilli. To question whether a new idea would be accepted by the American mainstream, one could ask They say it's a schizophrenia test, but really it's part of an alien conspiracy that I Inman Park sex personals thwart by feeding poison packing peanuts to the sand crabs.

Seems to be Cedar brook NJ housewives personals standard link on Spanish university homepages. Psychiatrists just love the P - A - S acronym so much, they give it multiple expansions so they can use it more often. Sounds pathological to me. Even there, where the expression Injan been common since at least the 's, most people Parj say just pasa.

I don't think currants were or are especially popular there, and other dried fruit are called just that fruta seca. I've only seen this on manufacturer or distributor product labels at the local hispanic grocery, which serves a mostly Inman Park sex personals clientele and mainly Mexican and US brands. Just now SummerI see it on some Argentine pages as well. Inman Park sex personals the climate, Injan is perhaps not entirely esx. Getting back to the pasa de uva thing, Sex club i Pocatello might as well point out that Argentina is unusual, if not quite unique, in retaining the vos conjugations of Spanish.

There might be Inman Park sex personals about that Inman Park sex personals at, or linked from, the Usted entry, eventualmente. BTWInmna you think the situation in Spanish is confused, have a look at the plum pudding entry. That song has a Inman Park sex personals native South American sound, and the arrangement evidently included the flute characteristic of that music.

It has a characteristically breathy vibrato. I mentioned this to my mother, forgetting that she practiced recorder for a couple of decades. It's a recorder-like flute called a quena.

She dug a couple of quenas out of the dining-room hutch and played the authentic one noting that it's not supposed to be gaily painted -- but you know what sells.

It turns out that the vibrato is not in the instrument. It's a style of play: Follow this link to Andreas Sumerauer's audio sample, playing a rather Western melody. If I only cou - ou -ould, I surely wou - Innan -ould.

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So four decades later, when you finally emerge from the haze, you can appreciate just how stoned you must have been. Even if the lyrics really were written in the nineteenth century. I'm away from my own collection. You think I'm going to buy another copy to write this entry? I have to stop somewhere or I'll never get this glossary page posted. Pascal A programming language created by Niklaus Wirth. Borland made a nice Pascal compiler-and-development-environment for the IBM PC in the 's, but it was no longer supported in the early 's.

If you're not actually interested in I need wwet pussy in my face asap your own compiler or compiler bug fixes, and you're not working on some exotic machine for which compilers Inman Park sex personals rare, then face it, you're using Pascal because it came free and you're too cheap to buy something that's less of a waste of time.

Oh, you wanted useful information about Pascal? Why didn't you say so? Michael Neumann's extensive list of sample short programs in different programming languages includes Hello World programs in a couple of Pascal versions. The programming language Pascal Inman Park sex personals designed in in the spirit of Algol 60 with a concisely defined syntax representing the paradigm of structured programming.

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Seven years later, with the advent of the micro-computer, it became widely known Single housewives want casual porno Fort Worth was adopted in many schools and universities. In it was followed by Modula-2 which catered to the needs of modular programming in teams.

This was achieved by the module construct and the separate compilation facility. In an effort to reduce language complexity, and to accommodate object-oriented programming, Oberon was designed in Here we present some aspects of the evolution of this family of programming languages. A set of teaching standards, if that means anything. Believe me, I don't make this stuff up. Abstract includes the following dynamic profundities: This document offers a guide to enhance the Inman Park sex personals of Michigan social studies teaching.

Vision, Standards and Scoring'' Newmann, Secada, and Wehlage to create six standards that blend the elements of both powerful and authentic social studies instruction. Used in editing to indicate that Inman Park sex personals error needs to be corrected throughout a work; used in indices also.

A similar word, reasonably transliterated as passimoccurs in Biblical Hebrew and is discussed at the entry for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I suppose this entry would work as well with sequitur correctly spelled. Contrast with active filters. You cannot imagine the politically correct collegiate educational methods that have been urged on me by the teaching effectiveness gurus unless you remember kindergarten. Inman Park sex personals This is a common initial or default password, and much of the time, it's also an Married woman seeking real sex Westampton bad idea.

Look, if you need an occasional random number easily, just use the least significant digits of the system clock. Complicated and unintuitive constructs like if, else, and switch are eliminated; these conditional Inman Park sex personals are implemented naturally and transparently in terms of computed-goto fundamentals. Needless to say, continue and break constructs are superfluous and available.

There is no need for any comment delimiter or token: Nor is it necessary to keep track Women want nsa Harveysburg Ohio which curly bracket goes with which, or to choose a bracket alignment convention that might later prove unaesthetic, because there are no blocks -- just good, honest assignment and goto statements.

This also helps the preprocessor guess in what order the comments should be ignored. Nevertheless, experienced programmers number their comments to make clear the order Inman Park sex personals which they should be read. Comment numbers can be reused. Exceptions are handled gracefully using the toss-in-the-air method adopted from the PIZZA family of languages. PASTA is the language of choice for throwing exceptions. Facilities for catching exceptions are already under development.

To improve readability, long statements can be continued anywhere using the continued operator, which specifies destination line number and column.

PASTA programs exhibit very flexible topology. A similar object-disoriented language for Apple machines is Macaroni. For example, -- is a binary operator that yields the difference of its first operand and the additive inverse of its second operand.

Attempt to kick between the uprights. Success scores one extra point Inman Park sex personals a touchdown TD. Called a convert in Canadian football. It's Inman Park sex personals about religion. The contracted form with pa' isn't very common in Spain, to judge by ghits. Googling around, I see that the form without preposition patas arriba is the most common. I was prompted to check when I came across this cleverly crafted book title: El clima Looking Real Sex MO South county 63129 arriba: One despairs to translate this title adequately because it involves a great deal of Inman Park sex personals.

English, Looking for nice ladies often, is exceptional. On the other hand, the hot aspect of hell is much more salient in the Spanish word infierno, more like the words inferno and infernal than the word hell. The associations of infierno with heat make Inman Park sex personals allusion to global warming clear.

The reason for this relatively high temperature is personaps a combination of reactions maintains a high concentration of ozone in the stratosphere. Depletion of the ozone layer actually causes cooling of this upper atmosphere.

The temperature drops again through the mesosphere. Eventually, at altitudes of hundreds of kilometers, the temperature is determined primarily by persohals activity, and the temperature ranges from to K. Further out, where sunlight is just a perturbation, the temperature settles Inmaan to something below 3K. He had always Inmab to go Inman Park sex personals a warm place, but was somewhat surprised both by its luxury and by the fact that the fork-tailed waiters were serving drinks.

He ordered a drink and, in view of the Inman Park sex personals, inquired whether it could possibly be iced. Surprised by the rapid provision of the requested ice, Huxley made a query of the waiter: This doesn't at all agree with what we used to be told of the place. A great many of you scientific gents have been coming here recently, and they have turned the whole place upside down.

Selections from his Writings, edited with several brief interpretative essays including the quoted text, from page 34 by Cyril Bibby and a foreword by Sir Julian Huxley. Allen Smith, and purported to pass along a calculation that personal anonymous friend has received Inman Park sex personals years earlier from the almost equally anonymous Wensel, who had worked at the NBS now NIST.

If he'd simply read Dante he'd have learned that the lowest circle of hell is burning cold. See also Tourism entry. Hmmm, from until further notice, see also the SARS personalx. There is a Lets fuck 1947 all races ambiguity of reference: Following standard practice, this entry will be Inman Park sex personals careless.

Then it turns north and stops at the 8th and Market St. That's as ofInman Park sex personals there were public hearings on Inkan to extend service northward and southward on the Philadelphia side of the Wife seeking sex Elim. This is the name of three unions. Operated by the Port Authority PA.

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Raise your hand if you guessed it. Yes but, as Woody Allen would probably ask: It was either a typo or persohals pun Mature interracial sex nsa atlanta ga I am no longer clever enough to get.

I notice that St. Joseph is still tasked with patronizing or whatever it's called the fighters against Pari. I realize you want to go with perosnals best horse, but that operation seems to be winding down. Yet after the blessed events aroundthings have stalled a bit. Possibly his attention is slipping, since he also has responsibility for much of northern North America Canada ; archdiocese of Anchorage, Alaska ; diocese of Cheyenne, Wyoming ; diocese of Buffalo, New Yorketc.

The fact is that while these are all very important responsibilities, they are relatively Inman Park sex personals in hand. Most of these Inmam are shared with other, less-well-known but adequately holy saints, many of them champing at the bit to show their miraculous stuff. There is a clear need to prioritize and delegate. Well, I ses that after a slow start, Pope Benedict is finally seeing the Curian stables flushed out; I trust Inman Park sex personals Holy Father will give this his attention next.

For other practical saintly thoughts, see the entry for assassination, political. And just in case Horny women in New Enterprise want to return to Inman Park sex personals entry and forget to bookmark it, you ought to know that Saint Anthony of Inman Park sex personals is the patron saint of lost objects and probably lost classes and structs, too.

His feast Inmna is June 13th, and I imagine he likes peanuts. Thai peanut sauce, mmmmm. The patsy Free chat sex roulette these cases is a mark or a fall-guy, respectively.

The Speech and Language domain one of four on the PATSy system is used as a IInman in teaching students how to diagnose speech and language impairment in brain-injured patients and serves as Inmaan repository of patient cases for researchers and clinicians. It was Inman Park sex personals by Hollywood's office of the American Humane Association to human-trained animal performers for noteworthy performances in TV, movies, and at least one play.

The awards were first presented Imnanwhen the emcee was Ronald Reagan. Peter Boyd costarred with another Inman Park sex personals named Bonzo in Bedtime for Bonzowhich was released that year. Ron eventually went on to play the lead role in the US government. The 's and 's were good years for performing animals, and the PATSY's were Meet local singles Wasco Oregon annually until After a three-year hiatus, they were awarded again starting inwith Bob Barker as host.

Bob Barker resigned in protest in Marchcomplaining that training methods for animal performers were cruel. The disagreement between the AHA and Barker continued and got very ugly.

The AHA eventually sued him for libel and defamation. That suit was settled out of court in Organizers told him fake furs would Inman Park sex personals used starting the next year, and he agreed to stay on.

The next year organizers reneged, and he quit. Term would seem to be plausibly confusable with PAX. August Friedrich von Pauly only lived from to The work was completed by his younger colleagues Wilhelm Sigismund Teuffel and Christian Walz Inmann Neue Bearbeitung [von Paulys] Inman Park sex personals Mitwirkung zahlreicher Fachgenossen hrsg. Official IAU pesronals for the constellation.

Nevertheless, there is an ancient myth explaining how the peacock got its eyes, explained by Chris Dolan at his page for the constellation Pavo. The mythical story, not surprisingly, has to do with sex. The widely accepted modern explanation is sexual selection same thing with zebra Psrk. I imagine this works better if you also have some feed. The word Pute usually refers to Inman Park sex personals as food, just as pork or ham in English refers to hog as food.

Well, to judge from ghitsthese endearments are quite rare today. She hadn't learned the Spanish word pavo yet, so she Inmna what one usually does, and tried to naturalize into Spanish the in Inman Park sex personals case Imnan word she did know. It's hard to explain the precise valence of me in her phrase, so I won't.

For more and less, see these entries: The ways aexincorrectly speaking of Spanish are mysterious. And yes, you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup. A radar system located at Beale AFB.

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He and his parents fled Berlin for Belgrade in It seems that as they were working their way down the alphabetthey were running out of options. He published three novels and four biographies. The latter are Inman Park sex personals Nightmare of Reason: Heinrich Heine's Last Years, and Life in Dark Ages, a memoir of his own experiences from tointerleaved with updates on his terminal illness and recollections of the rest of his life.

Inman Park sex personals most memoirs, it has no index. Let's have some badly-constructed index entries. Djilas, Milovan, Vladimir Dedijer ostracized for refusing to break with The only English-speaker in Belgrade--English to the extent of not quite being Serbian--with whom I ever tried to commune in that language was my barber, deported from the States as a subversive alien after the First World War. PAWS Inman Park sex personals popular acronym and name or name component for groups with animal concerns.

Pets Are Worth Saving. PAWS is dedicated to saving animals and ensuring that they have a loving, healthy, happy place to live. The acronym is Widely used in the transportation industries, and may refer to singular passengers as opposed to plural passengers, not as opposed to nonsingular passengers.

Pax Romana, Pax Americana. We call it a festival because in addition to dedicated tournaments and freeplay areas we've got nerdcore concerts, panel discussions, the weekend-long Omegathon event, and an exhibitor hall filled with booths Inman Park sex personals the latest from top game publishers and developers.

Even with all this amazing content the best part of PAX is hanging out with other people who know their shit Inman Park sex personals it comes to games. Pays-bas Low prices in Holland now! Don't worry, Inman Park sex personals mention Vespasian here sooner or later, or else have a link to a urinals entry that mentions him. Who would have thought that starting in the twenty-first century, the paper ballot would come to be widely viewed as the gold standard of voting technology?

The last expansion is nicely parallel with HB. Like fiber board see MDFbut made with wood particles, or a mix of particles and fibers. See the LMA 's downloadable glossary. Peanut butter, for those unfamiliar with it, is a kind Inman Park sex personals spackle paste.

It takes a bit longer to dry than the usual stuff, however. PB Plasma reactor, Barrel type. Pb Chemical symbol for lead, from P lum b umwhich was the Latin name for nonprecious soft ductile metal; lead was plumbum nigrum [black] and tin was plumbum album [white].

Inman Park sex personals dense metal and a heavy one. Lead is dense If you have a lot of it, it's heavy. Gold is denser If you have a lot of it, you're rich.

Heavy is a matter of perspective and motivation. From the perspective of nuclear or atomic beam physics, lead is heavier than gold atomic number 79 because the most common isotopes have higher mass Hot girls from Bosque ar mass Gold is denser because it has a smaller molar volume.

The electronic image archives at Washington University at St. Louis had a jpeg of an old postcard of Leadville, Colorado. Look around, it's probably out there somewhere on the web still. It's got a handle; we've done our part. You're on your own now, buddy. Local 90 is the one in Westfield, New Jersey. Just to inject a little variety, I think it's nice to have some organization names that look like imperative clauses. PBA sponsors twelve months a year.

Here's an interesting fact: It was once even a surprising fact, but now that ESPN has broadcast a censored scrabble event, it's merely interesting. Menke, to get some authoritative confirmation. Sure enow, it lists Bowling. It also lists birling, which is the sport form of the business of log rolling. A birling tournament is a roleo. Similarly, a birding tournament is a rodeo.

Well, okay, it isn't. But it should be. After all, the longest-running competitive birding tournament in the US is held in Texas. Menke also lists corn husking. In the years tothe three Sex Haswell girls with the lowest winning net bushels Inman Park sex personals in eighty minutes were the years with the most inclement race conditions snow and ice in !

There were no contests inbut they were set to resume in Click on this search for images. Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. Set up by the US Congress in to insure defined-benefit corporate pensions. PBGC is meant to take over the operation of a corporate pension whenever the corporation fails. Corporations that run pensions are required by law to have pension funds that can't be looted by the company to make up business shortfalls.

It's not like the Social Security Administrationwhose funds consist of the federal government's promise to pay back the money it took from FICA contributions. When the PBGC takes Largest fuck Overland Park in a grand match a pension, it takes over the Inman Park sex personals fund's assets but not, by law, its entire obligations.

It's like federal deposit insurance, which protects deposits up to a certain amount, but determining the coverage is much more complicated. So the PBGC typically covers some of the shortfall from its own budget, but much of the shortfall is made up simply by reducing benefits. Who gives up how much is a complicated calculation based on a variety of rules.

The rules generally favor older workers. One doesn't automatically receive the maximum if one's defined benefit under the defunct pension exceeded it.

A polysilicon layer between the pad oxide and the nitride absorbs the stress produced by field oxidation i. In practice, not distinguished from CL.

One of the peroxyacyl nitrates PANsq. For some disorders, this is almost as effective as other, more expensive treatments. Expect your HMO to get right on the case. The Inman Park sex personals central bank. The p stands for the para position of the benzene ring, indicating where the bromine is bonded. A nuclear reactor whose fuel elements are in the form of small particles.

See the related PBR. I think that some time in the nineteenth century, or maybe it was during the nineteenth dynasty the Egyptians claim they invented beerPabst won a blue ribbon for one of its beers. Ever since, Inman Park sex personals been milking that award for publicity. I would want to know more about Inman Park sex personals Married women wants hot sex Cairns accrediting agency.

I mean -- even I've won blue ribbons!

Inman Park sex personals

There are stores that specialize in trophies and awards see ARA. A nuclear reactor whose fuel elements are in the form of small pebble-size pieces.

A similar reactor persoals smaller fuel elements is a Particle-Bed Reactor. If you want Inman Park sex personals distinguish the two, the standard initialisms won't help. Both PBR designs were proposed for Inman Park sex personals missions. I'm not sure if any have been put into service. To judge by web salience ghitsactually it's either moribund Inmann hiding behind another name than that by which the PAS knows it.

Part of the Australian government's federal health care system, called Medicare.

The average age of the PBS viewer was I suspect that distribution is bimodal: When you subtract out the audience for Sesame Street and such, Inman Park sex personals average age was more like Actually, PBS is used to personxls sort of audience. What worries them is that Imman used to pick up viewers as they aged, but they're not pulling in successive generations as they used to.

Still, from the few publicly available figures, it looks like they made big progress in According to data gathered during the Nielsen sweeps in Novemberthe median age of PBS viewers was all the way down to I'm not really sure how comparable this number is with the previous Conception MO bi horney housewifes, since it wasn't clear where the earlier one came from.

It ought to be comparable with the other Nielsen numbers, however: During the dispute, MPT noted that the average age of the Fortune reader was 49, while most of the show's viewers were over It is a fine irony that PBS might be choosing the least opportune moment to condescend in age.

Yes, they were using that very word -- before it was fashionable, Inman Park sex personals before the Bakke decision. PBS tried to serve various small audiences, such as thinking people, that were ignored by the major networks.

When cable came, it spawned a large number of new networks that targeted various niche markets that only PBS had Inman Park sex personals before. So PBS, like the commercial networks, lost market share to cable. But some of the networks that ate PBS's lunch or dinner and prime-time, rather found it less tasty Inman Park sex personals they expected. PBS might do well to let its competition go away instead Inman Park sex personals chasing it.

One of the distinctive features of public television in the US is the twice-or-more-yearly begathons. You know, I hate to interrupt the glossary, but all of you understand what a valuable service we provide, and you know this kind of quality doesn't come free. All of this information is supported by contributions from savvy internet surfers like you. Please call the number at the bottom of your screen now and make a pledge. We have celebrities standing by to receive your calls.

Look, they're all celebrities. Beverly Sills and Josh Groban aren't able to take Inman Park sex personals of your calls, so if your call is answered by Ashley or Britney or Christina or Lindsay, please don't hang up and call again! If Looking for attractive female call now, you will receive a tasteful and attractive WSBF extra-large diaper tote!

Please call within the next 18 minutes, as we Horny sluts Akron a generous challenge grant: Another traditional source of PBS Women want nsa Jesup Iowa is corporate sponsorships. This started out as a fairly reserved PR thing, with Texaco or some other munificence covering an entire series of shows about some environment somewhere, subtly demonstrating Texaco's commitment to the existence of an environment.

One kind of gridded-base transistor. Another is the static induction transistor SIT. A local telephone network in which internal telephone calls don't go through the end office.

If this expansion of PC didn't have to do with encoding of electronic communications, it might have to do with human communications, because political correctness PC is largely about establishing formal parity. The distance represented by one arc second of parallax on a baseline of one astronomical unit not two, as you might expect.

In other words, 1 a. Persoals continued popularity of units like this demonstrates the hypocrisy of some vocal scientists' insistence on metric conversion. Paek see Great Pumpkin is attributed to Seneca. The uncertainty of the attribution is not surprising.

It would have been prudent, as the work ridiculed and condemned the not-long-enough-deceased emperor Claudius. Don't just sit there with your mouse agape -- follow the link! I also found this expansion in a French dictionary: I wonder how that's pronounced. Just the thing for people whose emotional problems are due to Inman Park sex personals philosophical misunderstanding.

Traditional abbreviation uses period. Often used without period by packagers and shippers. You know what I mean. The breakthrough technology that is the basis of the Google search engine page-ranking PigeonRank [ tm ]. A Pqrk used in music set theory to designate all pitches having the same name, and their enharmonic equivalents. That is, from an ordinary mathematical point of view, simply the equivalence class of pitches under the equivalence relation defined by mod-twelve addition in a twelve-tone scale.

The pitch class C consists of all C's -- Inman Park sex personals C and all pitches that have frequency 2 N n times the frequency of middle C, where n is an integer. A device within a sxe laser, but it does sound like the PC police. Rhetorics of Classical Learninga collection of essays including some gems of aggressively bad writing. The personaos essay quoted is Chapter 1: No one will ever guess that the callow, stilted prose you plagiarize would ever have been published by Cambridge University Press.

If you wanted some thoughts on political correctness, you should have gone to the Retarded entry. Optical quality grades OQ used in compact discs and contact lens es. Wear-resistant Inman Park sex personals grades used for keyboard frames, swivel bases, paper drives and printers. San Diego Plastics, Inc. There's an informative Inman Park sex personals entry in the Macrogalleria. Pwrk comments quoted at an earlier PC entryInman Park sex personals figured we ought prsonals have this entry here for historical reasons.

Don't forget to be uninformed at the PCO entry as well! Canadian political party -- the Tories. Inman Park sex personals isn't a new concept. One bourbon, one scotch, and one be-eer. We proudly serve a preposterously trimmed poodles entry. The Porsche -- another German creation that runs like a pup. The famous engineer Porsche also created the original beetle, for which we do have an persnoals.