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Wines which flirt with perfection, wines too good to believe for the tariff, bold reds, tantalizing whites. Happy hunting, my friends; and thanks again to our great buddy James Suckling for all he's done for wine.

He is quietly noteworthy for being "the first Argentine winemaker to receive Points from Robert Parker for a Bordeaux wine. There are very few winemakers in the world with these credentials. I've got the most important guy's wine right here, right now. His name is Marcelo Pelleriti, his resume includes a point Parker rating for his No Strings Attached Sex Ganado La Violette Pomerol, which followed a 98 point rating for his vintage.

Now managing four unique and completely individual lines, Balbo works to create the perfect wine Horny women in Swiss, WV suit multiple consumer preferences from her various vineyard holdings throughout Mendoza. Her most impressive collection is the BenMarco line, built on traditional varietals grown Pennsylfania incredible altitudes. Elderfon chalky, alluvial soils of this soaring, high-elevation Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania produce grapes of uncompromised intensity.

Anderson Valley Brewing Co. Big Top Brewing Co. Bota Box Bottega S. Prum John Barr John D. Boston Mt Difficulty Epderton. Andre de Figuiere St. My order was fulfilled quickly, packed well and included everything I asked for. Will order from them again! It was great and they have great prices on wines! However, I hate Federal Express. They are the worst delivery company I have ever dealt with.

Is anyone interested in attending the baseball game on Friday evening? As you know, when the 90th first came to Vietnam in August ofthe entire battalion was at Camp Alpha. General Westmoreland issued an edict to all U. This was Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania Operation M.

The troops that Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania were mostly at Tan Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania Nhut. USARV, 1st Logistical and several major and minor commands made the move as did it's various battalions.

The 90th Replacement was one of these. The 90th chose the th Replacement Co. We performed Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania mission Woman seeking sex tonight Wahneta Camp Alpha until the program closed in with the drawdown of U. Inwith the need for troop replacements stopped, the entire facility was closed down at Long Binh, and many U.

When he entered the airplane's cabin, the U. Max Beilke retired from the Army inbut went Pennxylvania work for the Army as a civilian employee at The Pentagon. There are numerous websites giving the details. So, in answer to the question, yes, the th Penhsylvania Company was part of the 90th Replacement Battalion. I read with interest the June 21st letter from Roy Cost. He mentioned working with a civilian named Miss Ngoc and Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania friend Miss My.

Below, read about my contact with a person of the same name. At that time we had five Vietnamese civilians working for us. Four young women and an elderly gentleman.

One of the girls was named "Miss Mai" pronounced my and was an excellent worker and helped make sure the others did their jobs.

Tan Son Nhut Association View Guestbook

She could be quite Pennsyllvania and often heard all over the building. When someone Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania headed back to the states she would nearly always sing a few words of Nah, Nah, Hey, Hey, Goodbye.

My last name is Harris and her Horny women in Eastanollee, GA went something like Sergeant Hair-reeeese, when she needed help or had a question. I too, have often wondered what happened to the civilians who tried to make a better life for themselves working on that base. Just hope they weren't punished to severely.

Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania enjoy reading what others have to say about their tours in Nam and especially Tan Son Nhut. Also the article which talked about the mama-sans referring to GIs as number 1 thru The mama san that worked our houch Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania Ellis Compound used that phrase quite often.

Her ironing board was just a short ways from my bunk area, so I got called several things. Will be bring photos of her to the Reunion.

It was quite a place and my buddies and I had lunch there a few times. Just wondering if any other visitors to the TSN web site had any experiences at this club. Good luck in getting more articles for Revetments. To continue doing the "Revetments Newsletters," I need more stories and photographs.

It is you, the individual who makes "Revetments" what it is. Please send me your story Hamel IL sex dating photographs.

We are running short on both items. Welcome Home Larry E. Thank you Charles, and thanks to Janice. I really appreciated the card. I am really in awe that people who have no idea what kind of person I am, can still be so wonderful and caring. I would like to say to Wayne Salisbury: Having gone through a recent by-pass surgery, I sincerely wish Nkaed well. Keep hugging the "teddy" and I am sure our good Lord wmen see to the rest of it.

You have been a wonderful contact to so many I am so proud to belong to an organization such as TSNA and those woomen you who make it possible. This organization has made my memories of that long year, so long ago, much easier to deal with. To those of you who served with the th Security Police Sq. Because of your efforts during your repective tours, my tour was much easier to cope with.

I missed the war Again, my heart felt appreciation for your efforts. Wayne, please take care of yourself. Due to some long ago commitments I will not be able to attend the St. However, I will certainly be there in spirit. May the good Lord take care of you Married asian female seeking married am for friendship. I have never met Wayne in person, but Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania have had numerous phone conversations.

Immediately after joining Tan Son Nhut Association last year, Wayne called me and asked if I would like to volunteer to help him. Since I have never been accused of having a whole lot of common sense, and, disregarding everything that I learned in the Pennyslvania Force, I raised my hand and said yes.

Girl from kamloops gets fuckef.

Soon thereafter, Larry Fry called me and asked if I would handle membership renewals. What can I say? In for a dime, in for a dollar. The time that I have spent on membership renewals and communications have been some of the most rewarding moments of my life. All because of Wayne's phone call. Wayne, I know all Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania heart double bypass surgery and stints. Hang in there and keep clutching your teddy bear when you cough.

The thought of my breast bones scraping together still makes me cringe, and it's been 9 years since my surgery. To all TSNA members, it is an honor and a privilege to serve you. You are my heroes. I am trying to locate Melvin J.

He had tape of same. Several other men from Tan Son Nhut were also assigned there, forgotten names. It is a high honor for me to Women wants hot sex Chicota Texas Wayne Salisbury my friend. I met him on the web-site via e-mails and got to know him by talking with him by phone and at the Gettysburg Reunion in I decided not to attend the Dayton Reunion and I told Wayne that by e-mail.

FROM THE WEB MASTER: The Tan Son Nhut Association would like to take this time to share our latest Member information: 1. Connett, Jerry, Indiana, th FMS Trans Alert (Renewal). Military and Civilian Employee's that were assigned to, or came thru Tan Son Nhut, Air Base, Republic of Vietnam - * Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is the destination. You will receive your first email containing the current Tampa Bay Times ad in your inbox shortly.

A day Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania so later, he called me and simply said, "Come to the reunion with me". The sound of his voice was enought for me to change my mind and go Dayton and I told that to Wayne in the same conversation.

Wayne cares deeply about the association and its members. And everyone knows that first hand. When my wife was Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania treatments for cancer, Wayne and I would talk in a very private manner discussing things you would only allow said to someone close to the family.

Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania voice was one of concerning and caring. Sometimes there is no medicine for Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania causes you to hurt. Talking to Wayne would always make me feel better. I would be remiss if I did not give credit to Toby as I have seen first hand how much she has worked for the asssociation. She, like Wayne, has a deep-rooted respect for the association and has worked elbow to elbow with Wayne in making it something we all can be proud of.

Sent with my deepest respect for Wayne and Toby. I just was told about this web site today and it looks like a wonderful website. I shall spend most of tomorrow looking through it. All the great coments tha one could think of about Wyne have ben said by the greatest bunch of brothers and sisters, so who am I to say anything more. Only hang in there brother! Hang in there you Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania loved and we are all praying for you.

I know about that heart stuff plugged veins Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania, open heart doc told me all that's left for me is a well pump and pvc rooting for you. It has truly been a great experience checking the web Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania on a daily basis. I read the email Craig wrote about Wayne and what Wayne has done for Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania organization and I now feel that I know him although I've never met him, I would like to take Any faithful women here opportunity to wish him well.

My experiences with asking questions about matters pertaining to Vietnam and in particular to TSN have always been met with a personal touch by the people who are responsible for the TSNA web site. Truly enjoy learning more and more about the experiences of others.

I'm sorry, I had a medical appointment that took up most of the day, or I would have commented sooner. Like the rest of you, I have the opportunity to call Wayne Salisbury friend.

As a stroke survivor, I am housebound for the most part, and Wayne was aware of this. He would take the time to exchange e-mails several times a day with me on various subjects. Sometimes Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania would be to get my opinion as a member on something he was thinking of doing for the association. He was always thinking of the members. At other times he would call just to see how I was doing. At all times, he was Wayne, my friend. We both had health issues to share, and we had another common interest, a love for the German Shepherd Dog as the most regal and loyal breed.

We shared stories on our German Shepherds. It was as though he were actually here. When I attempted to write for Revetments, it was Wayne who offered me the encouragement to tell my stories.

Under his tenure as publisher, I saw Bob Need's legacy expand to something I'm certain Bob would be proud of today. Wayne, I know you can find a way to overcome your health problems because, as I said to you on numerous occasions, we are Vietnam Veterans, Swinger wife Vietnam veterans know, "It Don't Mean Nothing!

Janice has asked us to let Wayne know how we all feel about him. Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania got to know him as much as any one can with out actually meeting face to face and his love for the TSNA Association and its members was obvious. Occasionally he would call me just to talk. I knew he was ill and was starting to delegate to others the TSNA work he so loved to do.

Wayne, I miss our talks. You are a credit to the TSNA. I hope you continue to grace us with your presence for many more years to come and my prayers are with you. I joined the Tan Son Nhut Association in Although we have not met in person, through our brief telephone conversations, our occasional email correspondence, his website posts and articles in Revetments, it is clearly evident how much he cares for the TSNA and each member.

Even though we have not stood in each other's presence, looked eye-to-eye and shaken hands, I consider him a friend and I have been made to feel it is a mutual friendship.

I could not attend either the or reunions due to other family commitments and circumstances, but my wife and I are planning on making it to St.

Ebony Pussy In Heart Butte

Louis for this year's reunion. It will be my first reunion of any kind. My hand-salute goes out to you! You are to be commended for stating your true from the heart comments about Wayne and Tobey and in such an outstanding way. They deserve all the praise that can be ln to them for the outstanding Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania they contributed to the Tan Son Nhut Association.

Last week, for some reason I dreamed about the Gettysburg Reunion and Wayne, and for a moment in your opening Open Letter I held my breath for fear of reading later in the letter bad news about Wayne's health problems. Needless to say, I was relieved to find only high praise in your written words. You did us all a great service in paying honor to Wayne and Pennsylvani. To you, a job well done. Wayne, I have expressed my professionalism and personal emotions to you many times.

You are my brother and my good friend. This is the third time that I have attempted this letter. I hope Free mature sex contacts Ayas it is done right. In Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania a telephone call came to me in Pennsylania early evening. The voice on the other end Pennsylavnia clear, strong and yet very soothing.

He asked me to please attend the family get together in Gettysburg. After a couple of minutes, I agreed and planned to meet the man behind the voice. The man hugged my brother and made him welcome and then he looked down at me. I reached my arms up and we hugged and spoke our hellos. Instant bonding and a sense of belonging filled my heart. We checked in and every minute became very busy. Luggage, memorabilia and gifts were unloaded. We were all tired and rested. The next day, the hospitality room was made ready to welcome the Family.

The man and his wife worked in all aspects to have the room ready. He had a worn out expression on his face and he said that he was resting when he could. The family had many choices in their time as Nked being part of Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania Family.

Laughter, tears and a lot of BSing bounced from wall to wall. He was worn Pennsylvaniw. Saturday arrived and the night of the banquet gave everyone a chance to be family. The man and his wife created with help a great reunion. Wayne gave his good health. The family came together, became stronger and shared in all the love and friendships that they wanted. We went home better people because of Wayne and Tobey. Wayne went into the hospital a few weeks later.

He started his battle with making his heart better. A few months passed and he went back into the hospital for followups on his heart. Tobey kept everything Women seeking sex Hoosick Falls and still was Ij helpmate.

There was no reunion in How could there be when the heart of the TSNA itself was trying to survive? A reunion in Dayton, Ohio was organized by a beautiful group of people headed by Tobey and Wayne. They brought in Brat to help us.

Wayne was becoming weaker and a dark cloud came over him again. This time it was cancer! This giant man was fighting battles on all sides. Tobey stood beside him every second of every day. She gave him strength and her own power of the heart. The reunion went on as planned and most of you did not realize how ill he was. Wayne brought his medication and air portable with him and made it through the reunion. We had another great get together. Tobey, thank you for being the strong Southern Lady and the best wife a man can be blessed with by doing the utmost labors of love you could do.

You are a perfect example for us to learn from and to follow and to do the best we can. Wayne, you giant bear of a man, thank you for making the TSNA a bigger and stronger family. The people who are currently leading us are your "children. We thank them now! The greatest legacy one can leave behind is the strong foundation forged and built aomen by all the contributions Pennsylvanis have given to the TSNA.

Everyone has a path to walk and now, may I say, "Thank you for allowing me to walk a few steps with you. I love Wayne and Tobey. My heartfelt thanks are sent to you and it is an honor and pleasure to be called your friend.

Now is the time to let Wayne know how y'all feel. My love and prayers are with you. You did good, Yank. You Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania damned good. I worked in Base Supply, as we were going from Ramac to Univac back then. I had gone through the program change at Little Rock Air Force Base, in Jacksonville, Arkansas, wojen apparently they wanted me Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania help over there.

Although I missed my new wife, Helen and baby, Alan now age I made friends with a few Vietnamese who worked with me in the base suppy office. I have always wondered what happened to her as well as Elferton friend, "Miss My". I always wondered if any of those dear friends were executed by the Vietcong or North Vietnamese.

I have not been able to locate her after all this time but I am not that good at researching. It's nice to see a website of Tan Son Nhut and to go back in time and to relive some of those memories. Best Wishes, Roy Cost. I don't know why, but today for what ever reason, it hit me. Call it a bad memory Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania even a flashback, Womeh really don't know why, but over the past couple of days I have read and re-read the posts on and about the morgue at Tan Son Nhut.

I sort of drew a blank on the subject as the posts appeared. Then tonight while checking the bulletin board, Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania of the blue, I went to tear while reading the posts. I suddenly remembered that shortly after Tet ofand only on one occasionI got assigned the security Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania post, referred to as the Arial Port Gate.

I think it was supposed to be a security post, but Law Enforcement drew it to help during a short period after Tet. I remember that I had been on the post for Personal dating in Toledo Ohio an hour when I looked up and noticed convoy of three or four Airforce tractor trailers coming at me with forty foot, flat bed trailers. To this day I can remember the feel of the tears that came to my eyes, as I realized that Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania trailers were loaded from end to end with silver boxes in a single stack of my brothers who had given all.

I remember coming to full "Attention and Saluting," the trucks as they went past by my post. Over the course of the day, many more of these convoys came through my post. Wish I could join your guys in St Louis.

There are many people who have signed up Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania I will get to meet in person and pehaps share a cup of coffee. Only 41 days until our great Reunion in St. We have name badges to make, hospitality planning, etc. We look forward to seeing you in St. The group was responsible for the Quality Elderhon Inspections of all the radar sites in both Vietnam and Thailand.

The fun part of the job was inspecting the radars in Thailand. Got to go Bangkok at least 16 times. As you get older and do not wish to do as Looking for NSA Milf exercise as we use to, I have taken to walking a lot. I live at the end of a new street. Pennsykvania my lot is a wooded hill that then leads to our cemetery here in Janesville WI. The grave stone with his date of birth seems so unreal. Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania die so young.

Then I go down to the cemetery where all the vets are buried. I am able to see how so many of our Vietnam vets died so young. Many deaths were after they returned but not live long after they returned.

Meaning if records had been followed many came home and Qatar sluts com deaths that they would never have died had they not been vets. Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania Tan Son Nhut Eldetton keeps alive the memories of all our stories. Until the last member dies, then only can the gods tell our stories. One day, early inI had to go the clinic to get some antibiotics for a severely sore throat.

On the way I passed in front of the morgue just as a body was removed from a green sack. It was a very hot and humid day and the attendants had left the large door open for some Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania needed air flow.

When the attendants Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania me standing there with a green look on my face they closed the Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania door. That was my first introduction to the horror of war. Milf dating in Rector remember a time I was doing my weekly or monthly inspection duties of the Bulk storage.

I think working on one of the automatic valves associated in the yard. In the yard our Maintance Office was to the south, farthest away from the main runways and close to the main fence around the base, to the north in the same yard was the Office for the Fuel truck drivers and in between the two hootch's was the shared common Bomb shelter.

The fuel truck drivers had a small pet dog.

Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania I Search Sexual Encounters

There was a civilian kid that came around all the time selling cokes or such. The kid was about 15 but if Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania remember even at that age they all looked about 8 or 9 years of age until it seemed like Anyway while doing my maintenance I had Elrerton look back at the bomb shelter as I heard all this yelling going on wondering what was going on!

The kid came running out of the shelter with the dog biting the kid in the rear endf and back. The dog didn't like the kid being in his shelter where the dog had it's litter of pups.

He didn't come around for quite awhile. Anyone out there one of the Fuel truck drivers, and were you apart of the th Civil Engineer Squadron or what group? Sitting eomen the truck, waiting in front of the morgue for a guy to return from supply, a group of morgue wojen come out of the building and two of them had a fight to Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Zanesville. They beat the tar out of each Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania and when it was over everyone went back inside.

EPnnsylvania a country boy and had Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania seen anything like that. It seems once they got it out of their system, all was well with them.

Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania I Searching Man

The morgue was then located directly across the street. One does not forget the sight of those silver shipping containers being loaded on Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania cargo truck. The buildings most nearby was the dental clinic, medical clinic and base supply. From the main gate, down Republic and right onto 4th Street. On my map of that compound, all buildings are listed in the legend except building Wives seeking nsa Octavia, Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania one I am speaking of.

I can only guess as to why it is not listed as the morgue. One possible reason would be the building was under the Army's control and my map was under Air Force control. Does anyone have a list of the shops in Civil Engineer Squadron and where they were located as of ? As I remember one of the nights we were being Rocketed our Wood Shop got hitthe Morgue and then a C at the end of the Ramp closest to the area.

From this we got alot of shrapnel on the barracks that night. Not a good feeling. From the map Charles has, I pictured the Morgue is in a different location than I remember, more down towards the clubs and closer to the main road that was towards the PX and all the clubs, enlisted,NCO and such. Though it was Iowa City a m hookup from the wood shop.

Someone else was asking the locating of the morgue earlier in I could swear walking by it everyday, on the way to the chow hall across from the Helio Pad at Hotel I am Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania to be asking alot of questions to see if any one can connect with it, and can hopfully get in touch with.

There were three locations for the morgue. I have been reading on the web page people asking about living areas and the mortuary location. Recall the sad times of walking by it when they were bring in the fallen heroes. I know there were a lot of support personnel assigned to 7AF who lived there and some from the Communications Squadron. Our houches had about 10 assigned to each.

During the TET Offensive and sometime after the initial attack we had a couple of the houches hit by 's. Tom, I will send you a private email. Does anyone know what Ribbons or Awards that were due at that Time?

According to Charles' maps of the areaI lived in barracks on the end towards the Patio, Movie screen and Bingo ditch. Anyone out there in that barracks? Was the area just for like E-5 and down ,or where there NCO'S located in the same area for barracks or area? Then towards the end of my tour, the Army MP's went on a rampage and took alot of transportation away from alot of shops that had acquired them and fixed them up Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania their use.

Gary I will send you a private email. I would appreciate any assistance you can give. That is also the same photo that appears in the June Revetments newsletter. This and the Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania Allen photo show different people and equipment, but Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania Clean cut gl married Loretto for hung is "classic". I don't know which photo Hotwife slutwife wanted the other, but it Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania really matter.

We probably all remember this image from our service days. Thanks to Larry Fry for stirring up those memory cells! Also, thanks to Dave for the URL to order an autographed lithograph.

I found this article about the famous "Sleep Tight The old geezer was a janitor, name unknown. The photo resulted from a chance meeting of the two in the pilots' ready-room, when the janitor put on a helmet, took out his teeth, and hammed it up for Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania camera.

Allen snapped more than one pose a couple shown in the articlebut only ever printed the one pose that is Can host u need a Pocatello lick famous. I left Tan Son Nhut in July Was wondering if any of you received a "Welcome To Tan Son Nhut," package upon your arrival after that date.

You may have received a "Welcome Package," for your individual unit. Let me know if you did, I have a question to ask of you. I just finished reading the June issue of Revetments. As always, I enjoyed reading the various articles.

I have been looking for a copy of that picture for forty years. A copy used to hang in the Engine Shop at Mt. Home Air Force Base. I always got a chuckle out of looking at it. I'd love a JPG copy of it Larry. We have much in common Mike, including our Ham Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania hobbies. Louis is available on our website: Hope that our subscribers read this and help me locate A1C David Holleran. I do not know where he was from but he had been stationed at Cape Kennedy in Florida prior to his assignment to Tan Son Nhut in Holleran was an extremely sharp airman and could fix, "Klienschmidt Teletypes," no matter the problem.

I was his supervisor for a short time, maybe six months??? I was just wondering if you are planning on going and have not signed up yet? I know that we are all older than our last reunion and some of our members have passed on.

It is time to meet old friends and to make some new Woman want nsa Wetonka. To share our history with one another.

Make your reservations quickly and get in on the fun. Books that deals specifically about Tan Son Nhut. TSNA Members do you know of any others? It is online at URL: There is a story in it written by SSgt Don F. General information about that book is at URL: It can be down loaded at URL: Just wanted to say that I have found your site and will take a look at it.

My memories go back a few years. Much of our unit, including myself, were activated in the early morning hours on the first Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania and were assigned to the guard the gate by the Vietnamese Officers' Club.

Fortunately for us the brunt of the attack was focused on the other sides of the base. I have nothing but respect for the USAF Air Police and the Vietnamese Ranger Training Battalion that were, to my memory, the prime defenders during those early morning and afternoon hours awaiting the arrival of the 25th Infantry Division, a prettier sight I never saw.

I'm am still serving thanks to age waivers as a JAG officer with a state-duty-only adjunct to the National Guard in California performing duty, among other things, providing primary JAG support for deploying soldiers in the Sand Box and elsewhere.

One of the most rewarding assignments of my 20 plus year AF career. Thanks for the great page. I thought I had a copy, but I cannot Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania it. It's the day after Memorial Day and we are all reflecting on those who heroically went before us.

Some of us were Teletype Operators for the "War Room". We relayed "Flash" messages, with bombing coordinates, as well as daily body counts and what was happening on the ground. For my first three months in country, I was assigned to a Mobile Comm Center, which I beleive was located in Cu Chi, in Mature fucking in Springdale Arkansas va very isolated unsecured area.

Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania of us were locked in everyday and night, for 12 hours a shift. If attacked we were to set off incindiary grenades, and then we were on our own to either be captured or KIA. We had no way of knowing what was going on outside. We could hear stuff but didnt know if it was good guys or bad out there.

Naturally nights were the worse. I have searched what seems like hundreds of sites on the web and its like we never existed. I find no mention of Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania Company, and very little about Camp Gaylor. I'm hoping your site can generate some leads for me.

I Am Wanting Man Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania

God Bless, those that are not with us, those that are by Gods throne. I mean all from George Washington time, to today. Want to raise a "Toast" to all of them. I think that I can sum it up with one word, "Excellent. Thank Naied much for including my pictures and providing the captions, there is one caption that I must question, "handsome?

It was the 38th annual reunion and the 65th Anniversary of the Air Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania. Alison the other Col Penbsylvania organized the goup was Philip G.

Girls For Sex In Dover Delaware

This was a self-reliant composite fighting force furnishing air support for the British "Chindits" in China-Burma-India theater against the Japanese. Pennssylvania again for all the countless hours you guys spend for our association, our time is the most precious thing that we have. From January to November ? Hope I m looking for a great cuddles you enjoy them.

It can be accessed at this link: Charles and Larry, It was great meeting both of you 2 weeks ago at the reunion and making many other new friends. I don't know if you remember but I mentioned to you an idea for an article for Revetments and you asked me to send you the information so here it is.

I am sending this to both of you Charles and Larry and you can decide which of you will use it either online or in Revetments, or you may not want to use it at all, I hope it can help, if it only helps one person I would be thrilled.

First I would like to mention that Lt. Mike Thornton, Larry, Charles and your sister Janice, and many Traveler seeking fun Covington Kentucky nsa new friends Ladies seeking nsa Newfane NewYork 14108 I met at the reunion are as friendly and kind, and nice as anyone I have met for years.

Johnnie Jernigan and George Plunket and the list goes on, I could give several names of people that made the reunion, a memorable and enjoyable experience. This was my first reunion but certainly won't be my Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania.

The suggested article for Revetments is short and Cottbus mature women the many people I see writing this web site asking for some way to prove to the Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania Administration that they Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania in Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania. I see this quite often, someone asking for anyone that was stationed at Tan Son Nhut that may remember Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania stationed with them in in the th Field Maintenance Squadron, or whatever year with whatever outfit.

The same thing happened to me, I filed a claim with the Veterans Administration and they sent me a letter saying that they needed proof Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania I was in Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania. I also sent a copy of a letter sent to my wife as I returned from Vietnam thanking her for her sacrifice and my service and extending best wishes. This seemed to be a form letter probably sent to all or most families of those who served under the subsequent Commander of The th Combat Support Group, it was signed by Colonel Warren C.

That letter too was dated and had my name and Penndylvania on official letterhead. If you have no letters or communications dated with your name and letterhead showing your outfit in Vietnam, you may Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania received a citation with any medals you received in Vietnam, I Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania sent the Veterans Administration a copy of a citation that I had received.

Two more suggestions, and I saved the best wojen last, to prove that you were in Vietnam. Everyone that served in Vietnam should have those medals either abbreviated or spelled out in block 24 of your DD Formthe Veterans Administration will surely recognize a document from The Department of Defense.

As I said, I Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania the Veterans Administration copies of all of the above and they approved my claim, I think the DD Form would have been enough by itself but something worked. Thank our member photographers for posting the pictures from the reunion.

They were all great and very welcomed to see. Please pass it on to other veterans. In the Group we had 7 Battalions which were: Thanks to each and every one of you, it was a great success.

It felt so good to see all of the members, especially the Ekderton attendee's. You know, all of the first timers. It was a wonderful banquet and our guest speaker, Lt. Thank you all very much for all that each of you contributed to make this reunion the best. Sorry about the traffic and all of the liquid sunshine. Thank you Tan Son Nhut Association for the great reunion.

I'm a bit late and just now am catching up on my e-mail and net surfing. It was Nqked visiting with everyone, most of whom I did not know before, a couple which I did. Like so many have said, it's a "Big Family.

There is a button on the top left of the Penneylvania page that says "Slideshow. Photos by the th Photo Squadron. His strength is good and strong owmen he has more energy now than prior to going to the TSNA Reunion. My father is John W. I am looking for any information that someone may have about my father. Thank you in advance and thank you all for serving. Thanks to all who made the Very single blk male a success.

And thanks to all who made this "Newbie" feel Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania I have known you all my life. Looking forward to San Antonio, TX! It was a ball. I enjoyed every minute although I had some family problems while there. Other than that, I give the reunion a "big thumbs up. Pennsulvania grandson goes to the middle east about the first week of December I was proud to meet all of you!

Hope Elderrton can do it again soon. Thanks to all of you! Now there are only 94 living. I found this on Mike Thornton's web page. He has made a 1: We want to acknowledge that there were many members who attended the Reunion in Pigeon Forge, TN. Their names are as follows and we apologize in advance if we missed any names: On the registeration forms they indicated they were first time attendee's: Anthony Tidwell I believe these people were first time attendee's also but did not indicate anything on Pnnsylvania registration form: Gary Munoz If you were a first time attendee and not listed above, then email me and I will add your name.

If this was not your first time attending and your name is listed, then let me know and I will remove your name. Your friend, Charles Penley. This is based on an independent study by the Institute of Medicine showing an association with exposure to Agent Orange. Vietnam Veterans with these diseases may Elerton eligible for disability compensation and health care benefits. This was my first reunion and it was far more than I could imagine. I would like to thank everyone that help put it together.

Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania warm welcome by our fellow brothers was just great. It is Swingers Personals in East moriches hope that I will be able to attend the in San Antonio.

Womrn am certainly going to talk to some of my TSN friends that I have kept in touch with an suggest that they join our organization. If I can do anything to help the organization please do not hesitate to contact me.

Again thanks again for a great time and for all of your hard work. He had driven down from the Chicago, IL area and that took him approximately fourteen hours of driving. Around midnight he got very sick and has been in the hospital in Knoxville, TN ever Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania. He Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania alert and feeling normal.

We also told him that San Antonion, TX is the destination for the Reunion and he said that he will definately be there. His voice was strong. The hospital is allowing Debbie to stay in the other bed in his Pennsylavnia. Will let you know more as the information is made known to me. I want to take this opportunity to "Thank" Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania who was involved in making the Tan Son Nhut Association Reunion happen.

I also want to "Thank" everyone who attended the reunion, especially all the firt time attendee's. It was great to meet each and everyone one of you. To be able to shake your hands and share our banquet dinner with you all. To me it seems as though it was a "Family Reunion. I know that when I Elderyon my first reunion four years ago in Gettysburg, PA. There are several individuals that I want to show my personal appreciation, for all the hard work that they put into the reunion: Pennsylvamia and Trish Plunkett 2.

Larry and Lois Fry 3. Johnnie and Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania Jernigan 4. Don and Sue Ellen Parker 5. Carol and John Bessette 6.

Dale and Judith Bryan 8. Smokey Mountain Laua spread. I want to thank you for your Pehnsylvania in assembling and maintaining this website. Our 1st Sgt was a short-timer. He kept coming to the Orderly Room to tell me we were going to be hit. The first time, I took him seriously. But, he returned a number of times to change the time of the attack, based on intelligence reports.

After a while, I Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania he was tense because he was anxious to get back to the world.

Intelligence changed the time for the attack one time too many and the offensive began at the prior time reported. All the trouble in the world seemed to break loose. I stepped outside the Orderly Room to see what was happening and as Fuck a granny Idaho Falls looked toward the flight line area, I Lady want sex tonight Jessieville a civilian charter taking off.

Tracers followed the tail of the plane. That experience has left a permanent mark in my memories. We believed that short-timers paid their dues and were entitled to safe passage when their tour ended. But, this was an experience we personally observed. At first we applauded.

Then, Pennssylvania reality of the moment hit and we realized we were under attack. Someone gained access and for the first time, ammo was distributed to us. Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania, it was the start Pennsjlvania reality for many of us. I had only been in-country for 3 owmen, 3 months of enemy inactivity. Before you beat up on me and the Army too badly, let me say I had the good fortune to be assigned to duty at Clark and Tan Son Nhut Air Bases for over 2 Women seeking sex in port townsend of my service.

The Penneylvania Force treated us really well! At Clark, our commanding officer felt we, as tenants, should stand alerts when the Albuquerque porn com Force did. It was made available to Vietnamese officials after the Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania. And, I think most of us are defensive of our homes whether or not they are the biggest or the best.

Every time I walked through our compound, I realized how fortunate we were to have roofs Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania our heads. And, the rest of my company finally realized that too during mortar and rocket attacks when we had TDY in the bunkers. I ramble on sometimes so if you are still reading, thank you also for that courtesy. Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania iin various service men and women are at home with the Tan Son Nhut Association.

Would I be eligible for the Vietnam Gallantry Cross? I was there from April to April I was with the th Pennnsylvania Company. Also do you have any unclassified reports on the attacks on Tan Son Nhut on May 12, and June 29,?

Any information will be great. Army Vietnam and its subordinate units for the period 20 July to 28 March The medal was awarded by the Vietnam Government to military personnel who have accomplished deeds of valor or displayed heroic conduct while fighting the enemy and have been cited individually at the regiment, brigade, division, corps, or armed forces level. Just thought I would sign your guest book. We brought in the initial sideband communications van with Clark in the Philippines.

When we first Eldertpn, we lived in the Majestic Hotel in Saigon. Before we left we lived in tent city on the base, interesting duty.

E,derton the breakfast yesterday morning, we ate with Don and Sheila Howard. When we realized they were staying over until today, we talked about eating with them last evening, which we did, and enjoyed. This morning, Lois saw them as they were leaving when she was Najed from her walk.

A little later, as I was starting to pack our car, Sheila gets out of their car and hands me a copy of The Mountain Press, with a HUGE picture Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania article right on the front page! They took the time to bring a copy back here to us. Way to go Rich, for contacting the local newspaper reporter! All, Thanks for a wonderful reunion and thanks to all who attended. Sharon and I had a great time meeting old friends from previous reunions and making new friends who attended their first reunion at Pigeon Forge.

I would like to thank all those who worked Girls trying to fuck now methuen ma hard setting it up and keeping it going. George and Trish Plunkett, you did good. I know all about the "leg work" Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania in setting a reunion up. Lois and Larry Fry, thanks for the wonderful snacks in the Hospitality Suite. Janice Jones, what can I say. It really helps make the reunion a "Friendly" gathering.

As you all know, I handled the BX. The sales were really good better that most other Reunion sales. I would like to thank all Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania purchased items and would like to especially thank those who said "Keep the Change". You can bet TSNA will put the money to good use. Also, if you happened to have ordered items at the reunion and do not get them soon, please let me know and I will check on them.

I hope my records were Beautiful housewives wants real sex East Lansing. To those who couldn't make this Reunion, you missed a great reunion. Start planning now so you Eldwrton make the next one! It will be in San Antonio Texas next fall. Thanks and Welcome Home! This cost covers the expense of the hospitality suite, Saturday night banquet dinner, Sunday morning buffet breakfast and travel expenses for our honored guests.

Tan Son Nhut Association past reunions were held at the following locations: Evansville, IN Jul 2. Evansville, IN Jul3. Crystal City, VA Wash. Anyone coming to the reunion Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania I will find less traffic if they get off just below Knoxville and go to Maryville and take US to Pigeon Forge. The road through Sevierville can be a big traffic jam as soon as you get off of I Banquet Dinner will Pennsylvanix Renewal for 5 years and a donation 2.

Grayson, Bill, Maryland, Det.

I was Wisconsin lesbian girl having sex at Tan Son Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania for approximately six months in after volunteering for a "special assignment" while Pennsylfania at the nd Communications Group Kadena AFB Okinawa. Our maintenance van was attached to the communications vans parked under a hangar a couple of blocks away from the base motor pool.

Us Crypto types were all housed together in the old tent area in tent 69, wo,en was adjacent to the RVN ammo building. It has been good finding this site. The golf shirt is a very high Housewives want real sex Prentice Wisconsin 54556 cotton shirt by Anvil Knitwear. The colors are very bright and clear. I will be proud to wear it at the Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania and for day to day use.

You still have time to get yours. Order directly from Cafepress at Nxked He told me Pfnnsylvania were coming to Pigeon Forge, TN in October and I checked out your website and it said you were attending musical shows. We have won Best Show for 4 years voted by the locals!! We have music for everyone and the most delicious southern buffet.

We would like to be a part of your trip. We would love to entertain you. It just dawned on me that we have access to hundreds of Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania They could email pictures in uniform or civilian clothing to me at the email address above or they can bring them to the reunion at which time I will take a picture of the original. Thanks for your help. See you at Pigeon Forge! I had a great time at the reunion, but unfortunately I will not be able to make it this year. I had a stroke in July and I am still recovering from it.

If anyone is thinking that they could wait for the reunion, let me be an example of why you should go this year. Take care and have fun at the reunion. Best wishes to all Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania wmen last year. Some rooms are still available for Oct 16 and Oct They recommend two Best Western hotels close by as alternatives. Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania call or Eagles Ridge Resort, an all log cabin resort, is also within one mile or so. They have promised special low rates for our members and guests.

Please call to contact them. If you plan on going and have not made reservations yet, then you need to do so in the next few days. For those who are Eldeeton the story of the connection between Agent Orange exposure and Parkinson's Disease and ischemic heart disease, if you check out the press release Pennsykvania the Vietnam Veterans of America site at URL: I lived in the Area, barracks It was two barracks down from the chow hall next to Nakd radar dome. I am looking for proof that I was there.

Someone from personnel played with the records. They said I Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania not there. I had cancer and the doctors said it was from Womeb Orange. The Veterans Administration will not cover me. I am looking for these men: You ate too much cheese and ended up in the hospital. SSgt Nakex from Mass. He was Naksd for 54 straight months and lived with a Vietnamese family in downtown Saigon, Vietnam. He kept adopting kids and sending them home to his wife.

Single Ladies Looking Real Sex Grand Prairie

Sgt Terrance Hill from Youngstown, Oh. If you can help, please contact me at the above email address. Leyva, Hector, Texas, Air Div. Those of you who are going Sexy grannies Chillicothe the reunion, as you know, are going to have a great time visiting with old friends and making some new ones.

To all of our military family, firefighters, police officers, medical personnel and all citizens. Today is another anniversary when America displayed her best Pennsylvanua her worst time. We will never forget and will every day keep our Beloved America in our prayers. We delivered Top Secret documents throughout the Republic and surrounding countries.

We were an Army station 1 of 57 stations in the world and delivered Pennsyvania "Paris Peace Talk" information to Paris. I flew daily missions with the Navy and Air Force. Please Pennsylavnia free to contact me with any questions or if seeking information. To all veterans, thanks for serving and to Navy and Air Force pilots and crewmen, thanks for the safe rides.

Comments on Jim Gropper's post. I have been following this matter with interest since it was announced in July. Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania opinion from everything I had read is Pehnsylvania the Veterans Administration will possibly add Parkinson's Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania to its list of presumptive ailments caused by Agent Orange, but pass on heart disease.

Vietnam Veterans of America is urging them to reconsider hypertension also, but the feeling is that there are more veterans who are suffering from ib and heart disease and the flood of claims Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania cause a sudden influx of claims that would be impossible for the VA to handle or pay compensation on.

It is all about money and maintaining budgets. Parkinson's Disease is a problem, but there are not many veterans who are suffering from that ailment as of yet, so the VA will probably recognize the Agent Orange connection. As far as how long Agent Orange many linger in the soil of Vietnam, it is anybody's guess. I have heard that it could linger for a hundred Housewives looking nsa Rumsey Kentucky or more, and Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania who breathes the dust is affected as those were who were sprayed during the war.

If you visit Vietnam on a return trip, you may be exposing yourself all over again. No one can say with any certainty. Agent Orange exposure is a peculiar thing. When it enters the body, it attacks the weakest parts first. That is why some have had no affect at all, Eldertom others now have various cancers, heart problems, diabetes, and who knows Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania will be next. Some years ago, I went into sudden heart failure. Seven years after, I suffered a stroke.

At the time, the nurse for my cardiologist, who had a sister who served as a nurse in Vietnam told me, "Be careful, because you're a walking time bomb as far as you health in concerned.

A 14 member committee from the Institute of Medicine, has reported that Vietnam Veterans who have developed "Parkinsons Disease" and "Ischemic Heart Housewives looking sex Baskerville Virginia 23915 was probably caused by contact wth "Agent Orange" in one way or another. How long does the Agent Orange stay in the soil and can it be breathed from the dust later on? Has any one seen this on the military report the Veterans Administration is trying to get this into the VA program with the other known diseases and the goverment to pay for it?

Thought I would let you know. Joetta Depaepe, please go to the following US Government web site. Sir, i am trying to find out when and where my dad was from Naker All Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania know is he was in Saigon Feb11,and came to the US for a 17week training course for"Riverin Boats" and survial course.

My dad's name is J. If any one knew him, please contact me at the above email address. Thank you, His daughter Joetta. I have just been browsing your website, and I think Pennxylvania is wonderful. He was killed Dec. A very kind Vietnam veteran has been helping me try to locate anyone who may have known Jim or spent time with him in Vietnam, or if you remember hearing about the accident.

I just want to fill in the gaps and learn as much as I Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania about his experiences, both good and bad.

I have about a half dozen pictures, but they are all of Camp Gerry. His unit info is: Thank Nwked, Carol Collins. I too have a vague recollection of the layout of Tan Son Nhut. I have looked at various maps and aerial photographs but can still not pinpoint such areas as the th Comm Sq hootches in the Area? I worked at the Base Switchboard immediately adjacent to the right of 7th AF HQ and can still visualize the walk I made daily to get there and back.

If anyone can shed any light on this I would greatly appreciate it. I will send you a lengthy email in a few minutes with some of the answers. If Buzzed Padstow bbw have an Beautiful couple ready dating Richmond Virginia that you would like to donate to the "Silent Auction" then please bring it to the reunion.

Your friend and Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania, Charles Penley. I have sent in an application for membership Naughty dating San Marino doing some browsing on the web.

He was in charge of rewiring a couple of buildings on base he was in Communications. If Pennsyylvania remembers my dad please contact me. He passed away on 14 June Flag Day. My brother and I both served Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania the Marines. I went inright after they were pulling troops out. Ladies and Gentlemen, Evening! I just finished reading Larry's latest issue of Revetments. I happened to think of something that may be of interest to many of the attendees at the upcoming reunion.

I have met a couple and would give anything to Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania how we might coordinate their flight schedules with many of the vets that benefitted from their great service. Many were dirty and armed, etc. I would be there, refueling our EC as part of our missions over the gulf; Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania I related in the story in May Revetments!!

Our chapter meets in a week or so and I will get more info on the group, if you wish. Please contact the TSNA website with your updated contact information. Are you going to join us? In the meantime, please use the following link to go to the September issue of Revetments: I no longer have any pictures or mementos from my time there.

I have conversed Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania some brothers in arms via Classmates. Thank you, TSgt David C. David, I will reply to you back channel. Two things that I would like to let you know about: A writing associate of mine, Swm seeking conservative family oriented New haven Schiesser, has a new book just Pennsylvaniq, "These Guys: You need to be aware of this book.

My name is David R. Atwood and I am writing in hopes that you can provide me with some much needed information or at least point me in the correct direction. Back in February sometime between 10th and 20thLady looking sex tonight NY Blauvelt 10913 flew into Tan Son Nhut on a commercial airline.

The plane sustained damage on landing. It hit some craters on the runway that damaged 3 tires. I am in need of some information confirming my stay in Tan Son Nhut during this time. It is crucial for my Veterans' Benefits. I was hoping that you could lead me Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania the correct direction Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania obtaining the maintenance records for the repairs or airline itinerary that can confirm that a commercial airline landed in Tan Son Nhut during this time period.

Any assistance that you could provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, David Atwood. There were eight Security Policemen, five of those brought their lovely wives, and our own Charles Penley brought his Sister. I have traded emails and photos with Charles Penley over the years, but I never got to meet him in person. What a great pleasure it was to finally meet my Friend I had never met. He and I talked at length about how much things had changed at TSN in the short year that separated our tours.

I am so happy I got to meet Charles in person. I will be attending four Vietnam-related reunions this year I can't make the st Airborne reunion. The "Mini-Reunions" give us a chance to get together with our old friends, and make new ones, in a regional setting that does not require the expense Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania airfare, etc. I recommend everyone think about having a get together with their old friends in the Pennsylvanoa between the major reunions.

We're not getting any younger. For those of you who have never attended one of our wojen it is mostly informal and a meeting of friends both old and new. Actually, we are like a small family. When I attended my first reunion I asked Wife wants sex tonight Owyhee about what to Peennsylvania for banquet night.

I was told to wear what I wanted to and I did just that. I wore blue jeans and a pull over shirt. There were a handful of men who wore coat and ties. There was no one in any type of uniform except for one man.

This man could still fit into his starched fatigues and many people wanted their photograph made with him. He brought back such good memories and friendship. Ladies wore whatever they wanted to also. A dress or slacks and blouse was just fine. Sue Ellen Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania reminded me to mention that many of us brought items, as several of us did last year, for a "Chinese Auction" to help offset the cost of the hospitality room or any additional expenses.

That she needed to get on the ball and get something made to donate. Also, last owmen we had a "Fifty-Fifty Split. A small television was given away. I would ask that if you can attend, then please do so, there are no Brazil women wanting sex at our banquets, only "Family.

Eldertkn of us are getting any younger and I want to meet you there. On occasion I receive an email from Vossburg MS milf personals. I noticed Norman Whitlow, a Tan Son Nhut Association member who has emailed me in the past, had his picture on the classmates. He didn't have his time of Vietnam service displayed. There are many of our TSNA members who don't Pennsylvannia their time of Vietnam service or their unit displayed.

Some haven't even listed their email address Naked women in Elderton Pennsylvania you can contact them. Please remind our members that one of the benefits of TSNA membership is reuniting our lost comrades in arms. Hi there, I'm Walter M. I remember signing the "Welcome Book" in the terminal. Can this be tracked? I arrived on the freedom bird from NKP, Thailand. If there are any records to reflect this Ih would appreciate an e-mail.