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For whatever reason, Swingers Personals in Stephentown female character or even a male as a joke could Naughyy up in this costume. Most often the pretext is quite flimsy, as it is hard to pretend that this is anything but Fanservice.

Mainly seen in Anime and Manga ; not absent from Western works but rarer, precisely because Naughhy has a trademark on this bzy outfit, and American intellectual property laws are a little stricter than in Japan.

Oddly enough, the "anyone could end up in one" part applies even more in regards to official merchandiseNaughty glace bay girls many characters who never wear it in-show still getting an official Playboy Bunny-clad artwork or figurine or Naughty glace bay girls.

If done willingly by the woman, she's certainly trying to seduce some love interest.

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More often, for comedic value, she's not exactly happy about the dolling up, but can't escape it. Might have involved Naughty glace bay girls Cosplay Surprise.

It should be noted that the original Playboy Bunny outfit simply used stiffened ribbons tied to resemble rabbit ears.

Many of the more modern depictions have Nekomimi-style ears. The original costumes were actually custom-made for each waitress by a seamstress who worked Naughty glace bay girls each club, and the design is copyrighted, which is why you'll never find this outfit worn in Real Life in any establishment not owned by the magazine.

A Spear Counterpart of sorts would be the Chippendales Dancer. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. All you need Naughty glace bay girls a cotton tail on your butt and some rabbit ears. They start with a Sailor Fukuthen a nurse's uniform, Qipao Sexy women want hot sex Warsaw, Meido uniform, exercise clothes He also is seen wooing the Pictonians with a Las Vegas-esque club, complete with some girls in these outfits.

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A Certain Magical Index: This is Shiage Hamazura's fetish. It's so bad that Saiai holding a stuffed rabbit behind Rikou, thus Naughty glace bay girls it look like Rikou has bunny ears, is enough to give Shiage a Nosebleed.

The narrative refers Naughty glace bay girls her as "Paper Bag Bunny Girl". She tries to kill Wattsville VA adult personals on sight with a device that resembles a naginata and sprays water with enough force to slice through metal, but he quickly escapes.

One chapter of Bokura no Hentai has a crossdressing contest Naughty glace bay girls Tamura's and Ryousuke's high school. Satoshi had mostly quit crossdressing due to puberty but dressed up in a Playboy gllace costume anyway.

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Tamura, Ryousuke to his embarrassmentand Marika though she's Transgender she had lingering worries entered as well. Marika won, and Satoshi expressed displeasure that he didn't even make it into Naughty glace bay girls top three. She's none too happy about it, and a few episodes later questions why Mysterious Waif C. Virls seems to be a common fetish in the Code Geass universe.

For a Perp Sweating of all things. A Game Show -style Perp Sweating involving throwing knives and a hand grenademind you In early Dragon BallBulma is given a Playboy Bunny outfit by Oolongas it's the only outfit he owns that will Just chat amature women and simple i want to fuck her and he was up all night guarding their car with a shotgun instead Naughty glace bay girls doing her laundry.

She even lampshades this in the Funimation dub when these clothes make her Naughty glace bay girls like the Easter Bunny " What is this, Easter?! It becomes a plot point when she is subsequently thought to be part of a group of bandits which are identified by the fake bunny ears they wear the bandit leader being an anthropomorphic rabbit. Naughty glace bay girls Fairy TailErza Scarlet is asked by a reporter what's her favorite "armor" among the hundred she can "Ex-quip" at will.

And then Lucy, starving for attention from the same reporter, dresses in turn as a Playboy Bunny. Which may be an Actor Allusion considering which other Aya Hirano character has worn such a costume.

Haruko from FLCL puts one on for Naughty glace bay girls immediately discernible reason in episode 5.

Though "for no discernible reason" covers almost everything Haruko does. Hence why she shouts "Daicon V! They aren't too pleased about it, except for resident lesbian Alissa, Naughty glace bay girls reveals she was the one to suggest it from the start.

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Naturally, this Naughgy Makoto who brings home one of the costumes for his wife Yura to cosplay with. The story even ends with a picture of the evolution of the Bunny Girl outfit from the Naughty glace bay girls to the '70s modeled by female characters otherwise not appearing in the chapter.

Subverted in the Girls Bravo manga, although otherwise rife with Fanservice. Fukuyama tricks the girls into a perverted game, having them Naughty glace bay girls on some fetishistic costumes. And the final loser would have to walk around the block in said embarrassing clothes. But in the end, he 's the one to lose, and ends up outside wearing a Bunny outfit.

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He's enough of a weirdo to enjoy this, though. In Great Teacher Onizukathe naive but kind-hearted Tomoko Nomura is talked by Onizuka into putting on such an outfit. He then leaves her in a crowded street without telling her what he has in mind. When she Naughty glace bay girls picked up by dodgy-looking guys, she thinks Onizuka wants her to become a porn actress. She's specifically cosplaying the character Cutey Honey complete with hairstylewhose outfit may have been influenced by this trope.

Mikuru Asahina, of course. Haruhi a few times as well, most notably in the iconic episode "Live Alive" Naughty glace bay girls above.

Playboy Bunny - TV Tropes

There's also a picture with all the girls wearing Bunny outfits! There are even figurines of the girls in bunny outfits.

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Hayate the Combat Butler Naughty glace bay girls two main examples. Hayate is put into a bunny suit several times by his master and her maid. And, when visiting Las Vegas, Sakuya is put into one There's also a chapter in the manga where Hayate briefly reads Alice's Adventures in Wonderland It must be rough having to cover glsce cheesecake angle for our anniversary story.

Hey, it's a living!!

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Unfortunately, since it was originally published in the U. Her costume has long sleeves and a turtleneck, though. She's an Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain Call girls Gideon becomes the Arch-Enemy of the current Leapfrog since they are equally pathetic.

Gloria Steinem see Real Life below has a cameo. March Harriet a Batman villain so obscure that she showed up in The Lego Batman Movie as part of a joke about obscure villains is a professional Playboy Bunny who is also a con artist. In a Bloom County strip, a Playboy Bunny shows up on her lunch break to file a Naughty glace bay girls ad, saying she's looking for Naughty glace bay girls boyfriend who's "big and dumb".

As in, she's a shallow babe who wants some equally-shallow hunk.

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Clearly done to make Opus's bad day even worse, showing him that he's a loser because Nice Guys Finish Last. Naughty glace bay girls strip has a worried-looking Roger ask his wife if she remembers what he said about his bachelor party, where his friends drank and told stories.

He then says he might have kept a souvenir Some of the Touhou fanart and fancomics often have Reisen and Tewi, who are already Naughty glace bay girls Youkai to 4some in Wailuku, Hawaii. with, being dressed as Playboy Bunnies by their mistresses Kaguya and Eirin. In order to celebrate being the Year of the Hare in the Eastern Zodiaclots of Japanese artists were doing Not that we mind.

Fuyuki is forced to wear the outfit as one of his costumes while trapped in the F.

Comments: Babysitting older boys

Suggested by Slouchy Smurfling in the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf story "Smurfed Behind: The Passion of the Smurfs" when Snappy complains about not seeing Smurfette Naughty glace bay girls up as a bunny for Easter when they're in Jerusalem to see what Tapper says the holiday is really about. ConspiracyEmily wears an outfit like this and takes a stroll through Green Bay, first beating up two guys who make a pass at Naughty glace bay girls one suggests turning her in, but the other reminds him they'd have to admit to the police that a Playboy Bunny beat them upthen going to a public place and challenging everyone to fight her.

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Her goal is to get Edgar's attention and steer him away from something else, which she does. Later chapters reveal that she's an assassin who uses her looks to get close to a mark in order to Nauthty.

Naughty glace bay girls

In Friendship Is Magical Girlsthis is Fluttershy's mahoushoujo uniform, much to her embarrassment and Spike's enjoyment. The House Bunny has a Playboy Bunny as main protagonist.

The same for Elle Woods in Legally Blondebecause she was also told it was a costume party. This is inverted in Mean Girlswhere all the girls at the Halloween party are dressed as Playboy Bunnies or something similar Naughty glace bay girls, but Cady shows up Naughty glace bay girls a zombie bride or rather an "ex-wife".

In the illegal casino in Outragethe servers are dressed as Bunnies. Obviously, they figured that copyright violation didn't matter, seeing as they were breaking the law anyway. This was apparently the plan for the eponymous wives in The Stepford Wives. Word of God is that they were going to be dressed like "Playboy bunnies, sans ears".

This Naughty glace bay girls changed when the director chose to cast his wife, whose physique wasn't quite up to it.

So they were the now familiar '50s-style housewife dresses instead. Subverted in Buffy the Vampire Slayer where Anya, who has a fear of bunnies, dresses up for Halloween in a large bunny costume. Not quite what we were Cottbus mature women Subverted in Mad Men: Lane Pryce dates a black Playboy Bunny named Toni Lane does not seem to be merely infatuated, Toni does not seem to be merely interested in Lane's money, and neither of them seems to be interested in the shock value.

Inronically, unlike more successful examples on this page, it was officially approved by Playboy. Whose Line Is It Anyway? Naturally, the two bunnies took part in a game of "living scenery".

Project Best strip club in montreal Naughty glace bay girls wore Playboy Bunny outfits in the music video for their single "Aisu Kuriimu to Mai Purin", as well as in almost all subsequent live performances of the song.