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Re re re better to have loved houseboi needed 1829

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I meant "moving" not "loving"! Monday, February 16, Time: First, no question it wasn't a comet you saw, as they would never appear that way to us here on Earth unless they were crashing down on us and we would be doomed or at least in big trouble.

When you see comets in the sky, they appear as a light and if close enough, you can see their tail, too. But they look to us here on Earth like they are not moving.

What you saw was - using layman's terms - a shooting star, but not a normal one, either. Excellent photo and last spring I saw the same thing - only even more crazy! I was up in my tower, which is the best place to stargaze.

RE: RE: RE: I meant "moving" not "loving"! (nsc)

I was waiting to watch the international space station fly by as I do often, watching that go over head is something I dig watching. If you never did this before, there is a web site that will give you exact times it is over your area no matter where you live, so check it out rd http: But, on that one nite last spring, I was with my grandson and had to share the binoculars with him best way to see the station, but not totally needed, either.

This was one of hqve nights where the station was to be visible for a full 5 minutes and fly directly overhead some nights it can only be seen for one minute on the horizon. Anyway, the space shuttle was attached to it on this night and as we first saw it coming out of the north and heading overhead and then southI had just taken the binoculars from Coop to houeeboi something so damn cool.

It looked like the space station shot off something! I mean, directly from where we could see its soild bright light from the station, something shot out of it and headed uouseboi west! Holy shit I said and for a second I didn't know which light to follow, but figured real fast that this other thing would not last in the sky as long, so I followed it.

It lasted for about 45 seconds and disappear. It looked exactly like the photo you just linked to and I know after I though it over, that it had to be a shooting star and it was simply a conwinsidence that this took place right as the space station passed by.

I'm sure the astronauts didn't jettison anything at that very time, but my little grandson still thinks that was what we saw. I did see, about 3 years a go, a shooting star that exploded like fireworks, about two miles west of here, but I actually posted about that here the nite it happened.

If you live where there lovved little or no lights at night, you will see shooting stars every night, yet another reason why I love living in such a place. Heck, we have a law here that your outside lights have to shine down only Older women Douglas Alaska have to have a cover on top over them because we all love the dark skies and want the sky to stay just like that.

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