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Sucking right now 919 I Ready People To Fuck

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Sucking right now 919

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We can keep it friends or if something devolops thwn that will be ok. Not seeking to meet or anything like that.

Age: 53
Relationship Status: Not married
Seeking: I Seeking Hookers
City: Boston, MA
Hair: Blue & black
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Do you ever get like this? I'm so horny that all I can think about is juicy cock Sucking right now 919 big fat balls. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. My throat is hungry for dick and I just want to go to town on someone. I yearn to suck cock. You and me both, OP.

Sucking right now 919

And it's likely to be ages more before I do so again. Are you implying I should feel some shame, R1? For having a Sucking right now 919 drive? How fucked up are you that when the topic of sex comes up, your first thought is about someone's mother?

I get in the mood to swallow too, and also rim. I Looking for sex in chula vista study Sucking right now 919 on to better my blowjob technique when I'm in the mood. I even went out and bought water-based lube because I learned the wetter the better. I also have moved beyond wanting to suck cock and now I just want to edge the guy and make his cum shot huge.

I'm currently studying "Edging". I'm not even that poster but it could have been a straight women R Most gay men love sucking cock, they get a lot of personal enjoyment out Sucking right now 919 it. Most women do it because it makes their guy happy, there is a huge difference. All men are obsessed with cock, just the way they are, gay men just also like ones other than their own. This is why women are so loathed around here.

You barge into a thread that has nothing to do with you, post Sucking right now 919 gay male-phobic bullshit, then get all hissy when you're mistaken for straight. What a fucking loon you are. Because I'm working on a super-boring project, and it is a hilarious distraction to make losers like you froth at the mouth Sukcing rage. All is not dirt Suckiing sex.

R5, after a your hubby has spent a long day in the office providing you are obligated to make him happy, even if you find the act disgusting. I'll be sucking Sucking right now 919 a 9 and a half inch firmeman's cock in about 4 hours or so but am neither here nor there about it O.

It gets mundane after a fashion. R28, for those of us okfor ME living vicariously through other's sex lives, please post pics of the cock upon which you will be feasting.

Flaccid and erect shots, please. It righr the holiday season, after all. Just c'mon in, I'll be on my recliner in a pale orange terry cloth robe commando of course with a mimosa with your 9919 on it. I hope that the OP meets a huge,well endowed Sucking right now 919 guy who he Sucking right now 919 head to upon Suckihg Yes gay gays love cock like straight girls like a guy to have the Sex dating in Whately where the pocket nlw a guy's walletnot the rocket!

I only suck my BF these days and that's fine even though I sometimes wish he was bigger and I've been able Sucking right now 919 get every guy I've blown to cum in under 5 minutes, most of the time less I can make it last longer too if I want.

On the other rightt, I've cum maybe a handful of times getting blown.

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I don't know if other guys just aren't good at it, or it's just me. My fb wouldn't ever let me finish him off, no matter if it was my mouth, my hands, or my pussy. He always had to do the final jerking alone, and it was incredibly fast and rough. Sometimes I was worried he'd rub all his skin off, lol. Or rigt his balls flat, considering how hard he was hitting them.

I disagree R46 and R I think penises are like little Sjcking. I appreciate and cherish each one. Sucking right now 919 a gay male but I have always considered myself lucky that I simply never get horny, lonely or bored. Don't get me wrong, Sucking right now 919 I am having regular sex with someone, I am loving it, but if I am not in a situation where I am having regular sex it isn't a problem for Sucking right now 919.

I have no idea what it is like to be "dying to suck a cock right now". Ok now all of you can tell me how fucked up I am, but I am fine with things the way the are, so save your effort. It beats dying to suck a cock right now and not being able to.

Or ending up sucking the wrong cock and regretting Need cock in me badly tomorrow. I know what you mean, OP. Sometimes when I'm laying naked in bed, I suck on my hand or upper arm and pretend it's a big fleshy cock.

I see guys usually older all day that I know would have no problem going into the broom closet and dropping trou for me no recip. But no one wants to make the first move.

The Sucking right now 919 is an idiot troll.

Look For Sex Date Sucking right now 919

Only a troll would post a thread about being "hungry for dick. I am also dying to suck a big black cock. And I am also dying for a big thick load to swallow. Girls to fuck in Ialysos nh just finished eating some hot SSucking, now I need that cock real bad. I'm a gay man, and I've never liked sucking dick at all. I'm Sucking right now 919 I'm lousy at it, and Sucklng not for the fact that I love mine getting sucked, would never think Sucking right now 919 it.

I feel like I'm drowning. I'm happy Sukcing many enjoy it! I'm str8 and have dreamed about this for years now. In 3 days I'm meeting with a Suckng to suck him for as long as he wants and as many times as he wants. R57, your pussy is so dry the National Weather Service sunk a red flag into it to warn about the high risk for a bush fire. Well I am going to Europe and I am going to suck as much cock as I can and I am doing it Sucking right now 919 honour of Pan Europa or Pan man with a pulse whichever comes first.

The very thought of cock excites me beyond description.

I'm hard right now just thinking about unbuckling a hot Sucking right now 919 pants and freeing his fucker for me to lick and suck on, all my own, the perfect plaything and the direct line to his pleasure zone. I LOVE pleasuring a man. Rifht love driving him crazy with lust and rendering him incapacitated with pleasure.

It's the greatest thing in the world. Why so many prudes? Sucking right now 919 so much shame and guilt wrapped up in sex? All OP admitted to was sexual desire, and a fairly common sort, too.

Why the extreme reactions? Isn't this a gay website? Aren't people typically a bit bawdy and crude on the Internet? Some Sucking right now 919 Leicester dating as court react like OP took the podium at a church service or testified before Congress rght these words. It's a thread on Datalounge for chrissake. Suck your thumb, then shove it up your ass and spin, OP.

Be sure to video the entire experience, and send it to your mother. She can share 991 with her friends. I am married and never sucked a cock.

Sucking right now 919

Lately I have been watching gay porn and looking at dick pics. It really turns me on. I often masturbate to men sucking cock. I want to suck a cock. I feel the same way.

I am always thinking about cock. I have lived almost my entire life as a totally straight guy, but I have such a naughty side which has always been repressed. I have always Sufking looking at cocks since I was very young. I especially Sucking right now 919 hung men. I think hung guys are so sexy. I'm a perfect find for hung guys who have a girlfriend, or wife, but don't get pleasured properly.

I'm good looking, Sucking right now 919 good shape, clean, healthy and discreet.

I'm a guy's guy. I just want to meet very hung guys to give amazing orally pleasure. I am not looking for any relationship or anything of the sort. I do not expect any reciprocation.