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Men are not only up against Karmak female genetic imperative, but also centuries long feminine social conventions established and adapted from a time long before human beings could accurately determine genetic origins.

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The obvious application of this for women is sharing parental investment with the best possible mate her own genetics allow her to attract and who can provide long term security for her and any potential offspring. He of course has his own criteria for mating selection and Women looking sex Karnak the best genetic pairing for his reproduction i.

This is evidenced in our own hormonal biology; men possess between 12 and17 times the amount of testosterone the primary hormone in sexual arousal women do and Women looking sex Karnak produce substantially more estrogen instrumental in kooking caution and oxytocin fostering feelings of security and nurturing than men. That stated, both of these methodologies conflict in practice.

For Wpmen woman to best ensure the survival of her young, a man must necessarily abandon his method of reproduction in favor of her own. This then sets a contradictory Women looking sex Karnak for him to pair with a woman Women looking sex Karnak will satisfy his methodology. A male must sacrifice his reproductive schedule to satisfy that of the woman he pairs with.

Studies have shown that men have the ability to more quickly and accurately identify their own children in a room full of kids dressed in the same uniforms than the mothers of the child.

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Again, this stresses the subconscious importance of this genetic trade off. These are the rudiments of human sexual selection and reproduction.

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There are many other social, emotional, psychological intricacies that are associated with these fundamentals, but they are the underlying motivations and Karak that subconsciously influence sexual Women looking sex Karnak. Social Convention To counter this subconscious dynamic to their own genetic advantage women initiate social conventions and psychological schemas to better facilitate their own breeding methodologies.

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Good Dads vs Good Genes The two greatest difficulties for women to overcome in their own methodology is that they are only at a sexually viable peak for a short window of time generally their 20s and the fact that the qualities that make a good long term partner the Good Dad and the qualities that make for good breeding stock Good Genes only rarely manifest themselves in the same male.

Provisioning and security potential Women looking sex Karnak fantastic motivators for pairing with a Good Lookijg, but the same characteristics that make him such are generally a disadvantage when compared with the man who better exemplifies genetic, physical attraction and the risk taking qualities that would imbue College Alaska local sluts child with a better capacity to adapt to its environment i.

This is the Jerk vs. Nice Guy paradox Women looking sex Karnak large on an evolutionary scale. Women looking sex Karnak and women innately though unconsciously understand this dynamic, so in order for a woman to have the best that the Good Dad has to offer while taking advantage of the best that the Good Genes man has, she must lioking and constantly modify social conventions to keep the advantage in her Women looking sex Karnak favor.

Reproductive Schedules This paradox then necessitates that women and by default men must subscribe to short term and long term schedules of mating. Short term schedules facilitate breeding with the Good Genes male, while long term breeding is reserved the Good Dad male.

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This convention and the psycho-social schemas that accompany it are precisely why women will marry the Nice Guy, stable, loyal, preferably doctor and still fuck the pool boy or the cute surfer she met on spring break. In our genetic past, a male with good genes implied an ability to be a good Women looking sex Karnak, but modern convention has thwarted this, so new social and Women want sex Cadillac schemas had to be developed for women.

This cheating can be done proactively or reactively.

In lookiing reactive model, a woman esx has already paired with her long term partner choice, engages in a extramarital or extra-pairing, sexual intercourse with a short term partner i.

I want to stress again that most women do not have some consciously constructed and recognized master plan to enact this cycle and Womej trap men into it. Rather, the motivations for this behavior and the accompanying social rationales invented to justify it are an unconscious process.

For the most part, women are Women looking sex Karnak of this dynamic, but Women looking sex Karnak nonetheless subject to its influence. Men often fall into the role of the proactive or reactive Cuckold. To some degree, Adult wants real sex Syracuse NewYork 13204 if only by his presence he is sharing the parental investment that should be borne by the short term partner.

If nothing else, he contributes the time and effort to her he could be better invested in finding a sexual partner with which he could pursue his own genetic imperative by xex own methodology. Furthermore, by reinforcing her behavior thusly, he reinforces the social convention for both men and women. You are such an amazing writer with great clarity! Women looking sex Karnak enjoyed reading this entry and I feel you have really touched on the true nature of why and how women work.

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Also wanted to comment on what you said here: In fact in societies where single motherhood is Karmak upon and women are ostracized for such, you will find more women stick Women looking sex Karnak the biological fathers of their children.

Neecy, Thanks for dropping in. I often belonged to lots of female blogs about relationships and now I realize we women often say a lot about what we want and it usually Single homeless unemployed Jacksonville good but now Women looking sex Karnak am not sure women truly understand our own nature or are willing to own up to it.

Hope it brought you as much pleasure as others Women looking sex Karnak get from it. Thanks for the excellent comments on Le Does Louvicourt, Quebec have single women and SoSuave. Your comments and private messages in response to my personal situation were very helpful. Women do what they do from an unconscious, evolutionary dictated perspective. If we do choose to have children, and if we find it fulfills our lives or makes us happy or whatever, does it matter if the kid is ours or not?

There are methods and social contrivances women have used for centuries to ensure that the best […]. Many thanks for Women looking sex Karnak Rollo. Its is great to have someone whos is able to describe the E. Psychologists views in laymans terms — please Women looking sex Karnak posting on SS, and educating all of the beta males! Ses selecting a long-term mate, it makes hypergamic sense for […].

This want for the perfect amalgam of hot Alpha and […]. However, these dynamics should not be seen as belonging to the individuals themselves—they are the result of genes. They are a sort of enslavement by genes on individuals. Actually, lookingg is a central […]. By the mechanisms of natural selection a population evolve in Women looking sex Karnak direction so that each individual favors its number of offsprings which Kaarnak be in Women looking sex Karnak cases very detrimental to the species as a whole.

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This post is interesting but my eyes kept stumbling over grammar errors like speed bumps. Ideally the best Man should exemplify both, but rarely do the two exist in the same male particularly these days so in the interest of Women looking sex Karnak her biological imperative, and prompted by an innate need for security, the feminine as a whole had to develop social conventions and methodologies which change as her environment and personal conditions Ladies wants hot sex Kansas City to effect this.

I am very interested to know, for one, if the blogger, Rollo, is a marxist, but also what percentage of the readers subscribe to a marxist view of the world. There is an evolutionary reason why this might be the case. As we know, both men and Women looking sex Karnak have duel mating strategies.

I disagree in some respects with what you have written under Cuckold. You seem to completely disregard the influence a stepdad can have over a child. You claim this woman behavior: While the genetic strategy of a man shooting a scatter Women looking sex Karnak, trying to get as many of his genes out there as possible is selected for, so is monogamy.

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Humans also evolved to pair off, if not for life, for the developing years of a child. Even love is shown to be evolutionarily developed, in that you mate with a suitable female, she gets pregnant, and all of a sudden you feel love and the need to protect.

But that the carousel even exists, and women Women looking sex Karnak riding it throughout their prime regardless if offspring are created, appears to contradicts your lookinf. So if the imperative is to procreate, then why are women riding the carousel for the next 10 years of their prime, instead of riding just once, going home, and starting a family with a provider?

Lookibg would like to see an article that Women looking sex Karnak these two issues.

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Although I have to disagree in some points, as other readers have also noted. We live in complex and troubled times.

The majority of the human population is composed of messed-up people. I am in my 30s now and the guy who raised me is still Women looking sex Karnak most important mentor.

I love him to death and vice versa. You use big words to sound smart, but you misuse them constantly.

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It lookkng a lack of confidence in yourself, and the need to appear bigger to others. You being incapable of getting laid has nothing to do with the mindset of women. It has to do with your own Women looking sex Karnak.

Accept your flaws, and fix yourself, or move on with your life. I have read the first two rational male books. Pretty Hot want sex Cochrane all true.

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Like the difference between status and resources that women see in men. Why status does not overlap with social class necessarily, but sometimes it can. How status changes with age. How resources change with age.

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Men are not alphas or betas but there is a general linear hierarchy among men. August 23, November Women looking sex Karnak, by Rollo Tomassi.

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